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Artificial Intelligence

Election 2024 updates: Democrats say they’ve raised $46.7M: ‘Biggest fundraising

Election 2024 updates: Democrats say they've raised $46.7M: 'Biggest fundraising day

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Artificial Intelligence

Live Updates: Biden drops out and endorses Kamala Harris, upending

Harris' team has begun calling Democratic delegates to ask them to

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Artificial Intelligence

Germany issues advisory against travel to Bangladesh

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Artificial Intelligence

China and the Philippines announce deal aimed at stopping stop

MANILA, Philippines (AP) China and the Philippines reached a deal they

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Zoom boomed during the pandemic, but the return-to-work drive means it’s ready for a radical change

Zoom was a rare pandemic success story. But as people return to the office, Zoom needs to branch out from virtual meetings, its key feature.To adapt to a hybrid world, Zoom is ready for a radical change, an exec says. LoadingSomething is loading. Thanks for signing up! Access your favorite topics

Zhang Zhan, imprisoned for ‘provoking trouble’ reporting on COVID in China, released

BANGKOK -- Zhang Zhan, a citizen journalist, was released from prison after serving four years for charges related to reporting on the COVID-19 outbreak in Wuhan, China, according to a video statement she released Tuesday, eight days after her sentence ended, though there are concerns about how much freedom of

‘You’re not doctor’: Anthony Fauci grilled in hearing

During a congressional hearing on Monday, Dr Anthony Fauci forcefully rejected allegations that he tried to "cover up" the possibility that Covid-19 originated in a lab. During his testimony, Dr Fauci became emotional while talking about the threats received by him and his family. At a later point, Republican Representative

Your N.B.A. Coronavirus Questions, Answered

Can fans attend all games? Will players be vaccinated? Was All-Star weekend safe? Read on to find out.Fans at a game between the Knicks and the Sacramento Kings at Madison Square Garden, with limited seating.Credit...Pool photo by John MinchilloThe second half of another strange N.B.A. season in the pandemic has


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R Gul, AMO El Nofely - Journal Equity of Law and …, 2021 -

18 days ago -  … made significant changes in old practices and present-day practices in the field of law … material in making future laws about AI in order to protect Artificial Intelligence users around … physical appearances and opinions but there are certain norms and international practices …

Weapons of Mass Disruption: Artificial Intelligence and International Law

S Chesterman - Cambridge International Law Journal (forthcoming …, 2021 -

18 days ago - The answers each political community finds to the law reform questions posed artificial intelligence (AI) may differ, but a near-term threat is that AI systems capable of causing harm will not be confined to one jurisdiction—indeed, it may be impossible to link …

国际法和人工智能 (International Law and Artificial Intelligence)

T Burri - Local Legislation Journal (China, forthcoming), 2021 -

18 days ago - 本文就人工智能的主要领域及其对国际法的启发提出了五个论点. 这些主要领域分别是自动化, 法律人格, 武器系统, 控制和标准化. 这些论点一起分析了一个问题, 即为了应对正在进行的人工智能革命, 国际法需要在哪些方面进行调整. 这些观点还揭示了可以 …

[PDF][PDF] Digital Forensic Logistics: The Basics of Scientific Theory

S Zuev, D Bakhteev - International Journal of Law and Society, 2021 -

15 days ago -  … International Journal of Law and Society … The article substantiates the need for the use of digital forensic logistics to optimize information flows and build the most effective analytical human and computer processing, not excluding the use of artificial intelligence systems …

Discriminação em algoritmos de inteligência artificial: uma análise acerca da LGPD como instrumento normativo mitigador de vieses discriminatórios

ALL Ribeiro - 2021 -

16 days ago -  … on bibliographic research, using articles, monographs, international documents, and master's dissertations, as well as documentary research, with articles of law and other normative acts. It was concluded that artificial intelligence algorithms are not neutral, since they …

Copyright and human originality in artistic works made using artificial intelligence

P Isohanni - 2021 -

8 days ago -  … Abstract This thesis explores the subsistence of copyright protection for artistic works made with artificial intelligence (AI) … Moreover, the suitability of the current system to protect these works is eval- uated through the lens of international copyright law …

Arbitrator’Intelligence’and the Mysterious Brown M&M

S FCIArb - University of Toledo Law Review, 2021 -

8 days ago -  … 12 Gabriela Sánchez, Guest Post: The risks of the use of Artificial Intelligence in International Arbitration, INTERNATIONAL ECONOMIC LAW AND POLICY BLOG (Nov. 2019), post …

[PDF][PDF] On the relevance of algorithmic decision predictors for judicial decision making.

F Bex, H Prakken - … on Artificial Intelligence and Law  …, 2021 -

12 days ago - In this article, we discuss case decision predictors, algorithms which, given some features of a legal case predict the outcome of the case (ie the decision of the judge). We discuss whether, and if so how, such prediction algorithms can be used to support …

[HTML][HTML] An Artificial Intelligence-Based Smart System for Early Glaucoma Recognition Using OCT Images

LK Singh, H Garg, M Khanna - International Journal of E-Health …, 2021 -

15 days ago - Glaucoma is a progressive and constant eye disease that leads to a deficiency of peripheral vision and, at last, leads to irrevocable loss of vision. Detection and identification of glaucoma are essential for earlier treatment and to reduce vision loss. This …

Rude Wakeup Call

C Schroeder - The International Economy, 2021 -

6 days ago -  … 60 THE INTERNATIONAL ECONOMY WINTER 2021 … The wide rise of new technologies in artificial intelligence and 5G and more suggests extensive acceleration coming … of choice, America may no longer be the only or cen- tral one—but our innovation, rule of law …

Teaching Design Based on Network Red Blue Confrontation

G Zhang, L Yan - International Conference on Machine Learning and Big …, 2020 - Springer

10 giorni fa -  … SPIOT 2020: The 2020 International Conference on Machine Learning and Big Data … Constructs the course module according to students' cognitive law, designs the teaching mode of the network red blue confrontation from the reality, and calculates for colleges and …

Reasonable Approach and Development Trend of Artificial Intelligence Sports Development

L Chen - International Conference on Machine Learning and Big …, 2020 - Springer

12 giorni fa -  … SPIOT 2020: The 2020 International Conference on Machine Learning and Big Data Analytics for … And how to integrate, this intermediary is actually artificial intelligence … example, analyzing the consumption characteristics of event viewers through machine learning can …


Stability behavior of a reservoir soil bank slope under freeze-thaw cycles in cold regions

Z Qin, Y Lai, Y Tian, M Zhang – Cold Regions Science and Technology, 2020 – Elsevier

4 days ago –  … Cold Regions Science and Technology. Stability behavior of a reservoir soil bank slope under freeze-thaw cycles in cold regions … The hydrothermal changing process is analyzed and verified by measured data. • The change law of slope safety factors is investigated …

Application Of Blockchain In Public Administration: Prospects For Legal Regulation

E Talapina – Public administration issues, 2020 –

4 days ago –  … administration of blockchain. The main purpose of this research is to identify streams of regulatory reform of public administration in order to create legal conditions for the blockchain technology application by State authorities. The study …

Measurement of refractive index of optical materials using improved Brewster method

J Lv, Y Hu, F Li, Q Hao – Optical Design and Testing X, 2020 –

4 days ago –  … Brewster law can be expressed as that the reflectivity of the P-polarized light approaches zero when it is incident in the Brewster angle, which is the inverse trigonometric value of the refractive index … The minimum intensity position can be found with image processing …

Measuring the cultural fit of corporate governance transplants in Asia

SLMS Gomes – 2020 –

4 days ago –  … Bachelor of Arts & Bachelor of Laws, Grad Dip Legal Practice Skills and Ethics Submitted in fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy School of Law Faculty of Law Queensland University of Technology 2020 Page 2. 2 Keywords …

Technical Analysis and Development Path of Procedural Statements of the Central Inner Party’s Laws

Z Deshui – Journal of Beijing University of Aeronautics and … –

4 days ago –  … From the perspective of legislative technology, the central inner Party’s laws have two categories: one is those laws without procedural statements, such … in different chapters of the inner Party’s laws in an embedded mode, without forming a special procedural law; the …

[HTML][HTML] Investigation on the Effect of Cyclic Moisture Change on Rock Swelling in Hydropower Water Tunnels

L Selen, KK Panthi, MR Vergara, MB Mørk – Rock Mechanics and Rock …, 2020 – Springer

4 days ago –  … The so-called “Grob`s law” can be assessed by use of oedometer tests and assumes that the material behaves linear elastically and … Laboratory tests were performed at the Norwegian University of Sciences and Technology (NTNU) and the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology …

[HTML][HTML] Smile, you are being identified! Risks and measures for the use of facial recognition in (semi-) public spaces

TG Moraes, EC Almeida, JRL de Pereira – AI and Ethics, 2020 – Springer

4 days ago –  … This article analyses the use of facial recognition technology (FRT) in (semi-)public spaces with a focus in the Brazilian context … of cyber-surveillance and lack of transparency, safeguards were identified to guarantee individual rights, such as soft law, oversight, international …

Interview with Professor John Willinsky

J Sepulveda – … : The Stanford Journal of Science, Technology, and …, 2020 –

4 days ago –  … However, his most recent work surrounds copyright law and increasing accessibility for students worldwide. PDF. Published. 2020-10-10. Issue. Vol 13 No 3 (2020). Section. Interviews. Copyright (c) 2020 Intersect: The Stanford Journal of Science, Technology, and …


AK Mapareppa, J Hafidz – Law Development Journal, 2020 –

4 days ago –  … This study aims to identify and explain the basic position of judges’ considerations in issuing a decision free from all lawsuits for the accused and to analyze the development of law, law science and legal information technology and to adjust legal theory and legal practice …

Ownership and Protection of Face Recognition Information from the Perspective of Civil Code

Z Jingwu – Journal of Beijing University of Aeronautics and … –

4 days ago –  … 11582219726 … A Study on the Institute of Informed Consent in Chinese Tort Law [J]. JOURNAL OF BEIJING UNIVERSITY OF AERONAUTICS AND A, 2011, 24(4): 62-66,93. Recommended …


The legal system for autonomous weapons in light of the rules of public international law” PhD Thesis Summary”

A Deeb - International Journal of Doctrine, Judiciary and …, 2021 -

18 giorni fa - It is logical not to be drawn into the absolute rejection of their products, but rather to place them within the framework, by preparing autonomous weapons to respect the controls of applying the rules for the use of force, to fulfill the requirements of legitimate …

The Lethal Autonomous Weapons Systems: A Concrete Example of AI’s Presence in the Military Environment

J Scipione - CSI Review, 2021 -

19 giorni fa - Abstract Comprehending and analysing Artificial Intelligence (AI) is fundamental to embrace the next challenges of the future, specifically for the defence sector. Developments in this sector will involve both arms and operations. The debate is linked to …

Artificial intelligence governance under change: Foundations, facets, frameworks

MM Maas - 2021 -

20 giorni fa -  … In recent years diverse AI applications—from facial recognition to automated legal decisionmaking, and from computational propaganda to Lethal Autonomous Weapons Systems—have raised deep ethical, political, legal and security concerns …

Leadership Challenges from the Deployment of Lethal Autonomous Weapon Systems: How Erosion of Human Supervision Over Lethal Engagement Will Impact How …

P Walker - The RUSI Journal, 2021 - Taylor & Francis

12 giorni fa -  … Indeed, it may be that LAWS must outperform human traits such as bravery, initiative and example if autonomous weapons are to be embedded in the Cohort's battlecraft … 16. Meghan Han, 'Lethal Autonomous Weapons & Info-Wars: A Scientist's Warning', Medium, 6 July …

Contact Tracing for Lethal Autonomous Weapons Systems? Governance Mechanisms to Enhance Arms Control and Non-Proliferation

A Warren, A Hillas - Georgetown Journal of International Affairs, 2021 -

14 giorni fa - Lethal autonomous weapons systems (LAWS) are emerging and futuristic technologies gathering increasing global attention, especially in relation to their dualuse components. Although the international community has not come to an agreement on the …

Militarization and Transformation of Artificial Intelligence in the Future of Foreign Policy: Triggering the International Security Dilemma

V Güntay -

18 giorni fa -  … the struggle between states. There is an intellectual development behind the view that autonomous weapons or robots can work better, more effectively and in a more harmonious way compared to humans. The idea of states …

国际法和人工智能 (International Law and Artificial Intelligence)

T Burri - Local Legislation Journal (China, forthcoming), 2021 -

18 giorni fa -  … 26 下列文献探讨了大量的相关问题: Nehal Bhuta, Susanne Beck, Robin Geiß, Hin-Yan Liu and Claus Kreß (ed.), Autonomous Weapons Systems – Law, Ethics, Policy, (2016); see also Peter Asaro, Jus nascendi, robotic weapons and the Martens Clause, in Ryan Calo …

Ethics and Governance of Artificial Intelligence: Evidence from a Survey of Machine Learning Researchers

B Zhang, M Anderljung, L Kahn, N Dreksler… - arXiv e …, 2021 -

4 giorni fa -  … While the respondents were overwhelmingly opposed to AI/ML researchers working on lethal autonomous weapons, they are less opposed to researchers working on other military applications of AI, particularly logistics algorithms …

[HTML][HTML] Opposing Inherent Immorality in Autonomous Weapons Systems

J Stanhope -

8 giorni fa - Lethal autonomous weapons systems, or LAWS, defined by the US Department of Defense as “a weapons system that once activated, can select and engage targets without further intervention by a human operator,”[1] will be the next leap in military technology and …

[HTML][HTML] Autonomous Weapon Systems: Our New Soldiers, or a Disaster Waiting to Happen?

S Agrawal -

12 giorni fa -  … Autonomous weapons, which function without human control and have been used by the United States military since the Obama administration, may thus be unable to fulfill the requirements of jus in bello … Autonomous Weapons Systems and the Laws of War [Online] …

Основа правового регулирования развития и применения искусственного интеллекта в военной сфере Китая в контексте государственной стратегии и …

КМ Беликова - Пробелы в российском законодательстве, 2020 -

27 days ago -  … In this format, the article analyzes the provisions of China's approaches that create patterns of permissibility of the use of lethal autonomous weapons systems based on AI, its potential, and the existing ethical and legal basis, based on analytical reflections on the …

Paper 3. Nuclear fuel cycle internationalization: the uncertain political content

GI Rochlin - … to Prevent the Spread of Nuclear Weapons, 2020 -

28 days ago -  … It was assumed that future expansion would be the task of autonomous domestic industries … and appears increasingly to be directed towards removing further sources of conflict among them while responding to domestic concerns over the spread of nuclear weapons …


Multi-level Administration, Inspections and Fundamental Rights: Is Judicial Protection Full and Effective?

M De Bellis - German Law Journal, 2021 -

Prieš 6 dieną (-ų) -  … of the inviolability of the home, recognized by the Court of Justice as a general principle of EU law, and protected under Article 8 of the European Convention of Human Rights (ECHR … do not fulfill all the criteria set forth by the Strasbourg Court for ex post judicial …

[HTML][HTML] An Optimal Control of Malaria Transmission Model with Mosquito Seasonal Factor

FF Herdicho, W Chukwu, H Tasman - Results in Physics, 2021 - Elsevier

Prieš 6 dieną (-ų) -  … Maximum Principle. Numerical simulation of the model with the optimal control shows that providing controls in the form of insecticide, prevention, and treatment simultaneously are effective in reducing the number of the exposed and infectious of the human population …

Miniaturized, multiplexed, graphene-based, wearable devices for non-invasive, electroosmotic, follicular glucose extraction and monitoring

L Lipani - 2021 -

Prieš 6 dieną (-ų) -  … This would eliminate patient resistance towards more frequent sampling and, hence, considerably improve a diabetic's control over glycaemia; and, in time, help shift … A proof of principle - using mammalian skin ex vivo, as well as in-vivo tests on human volunteers …

Plurifaceted proteomics in studying cellular dynamics and action mechanisms of anticancer drugs

P Sabatier - 2021 -

Prieš 6 dieną (-ų) -  … Then we performed a proof of principle experiment using the well-studied methotrexate … We reprogrammed human foreskin fibroblasts (hFF) into induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs), which … a new analysis and visualization tool, and provided evidence that control …

Neve Gordon and Nicola Perugini, Human Shields: A History of People in the Line of Fire

B Ciarán Browne - 2021 -

Prieš 4 dieną (-ų) -  … philosophical contestations that lie at the heart of the practice of 'human shielding', the … for the most part largely unregulated, before being subjected to forms of control and containment … formulated (supposedly) to protect the lives of civilians and enforce the principle …

[HTML][HTML] How to identify a smoker: a salient crystallographic approach to detect thiocyanate content

K Iman, MN Ahamad, A Ansari, HAM Saleh, MS Khan… - RSC Advances, 2021 -

Prieš 4 dieną (-ų) -  … There is an increasing demand for monitoring environmental pollutants and the control requires new … detection was further verified by the single crystal method, HSAB principle (symbiosis) and … the designed cluster has also been utilized to detect anions in human …

The first part,’Origins and Foundations of International Migration Law, reminds us that’migration is and has always been framed by international law'(p 13). While …

V Chetail - HeinOnline

Prieš 6 dieną (-ų) -  … Chetail also recalls that, con- trary to common belief, 'immigration control is a relatively recent invention of states, generalized at … of migrants in host States is further governed by the general applicability of human rights to all human beings and its cornerstone principle …

[HTML][HTML] Electrohydrodynamic printing of a dielectric elastomer actuator and its application in tunable lenses

L Jiang, Y Wang, X Wang, F Ning, S Wen… - Composites Part A …, 2021 - Elsevier

Prieš 3 dieną (-ų) -  … 33.6 mm to 26.1 mm under a dynamic driving voltage signal control. Furthermore, it displayed excellent stability when the focal length was tuned from far to near (30.1 mm to 25.3 mm) for 200 cycles. The tunable lens obtained mimics the working principle …

Experience and Memory Principle for Adaptive Indoor Thermal Comfort

K Karyono, B Abdullah, A Cotgrave, A Brás -

Prieš 3 dieną (-ų) -  … The use of this principle for indoor adaptive thermal comfort system will give the advantages to meet the special group … The adaptive system will be more human-oriented … This will give the ability for the smart control system to give not only the experience which …

Inducible nuclear import by TetR aptamer-controlled 3’splice site selection

A Mol, M Vogel, B Suess - RNA, 2020 -

11 days ago -  … directing it into the nucleus. However, our system is not limited to the control of nuclear localization. In principle, any target sequence can be integrated into the aptamer, allowing not only the production … human cells. MATERIAL AND METHODS Cell culture …

[PDF][PDF] The Study of Human Rights from a Different Perspective

MM Samimi -

12 days ago -  … target of regional and global policies and has been emphasized as organizing principle and a … roots of insecurity [4]. Thus, "intra-structural control" was proposed … freedom in the region, especially in the Arab world, destroyed human development, the …

A ‘middle way’for Indonesian fires

SK Pattanayak, E Sills - Nature Sustainability, 2020 -

13 days ago -  … critters, cause widespread air and water pollution, and undermine traditional cultures and human rights … health policies, including RSPO 4 . Thus, we do not know if the principle of RSPO … plantations that have not been certified, and others that serve as 'control' villages …


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