‘neXT’ Is a New Show About Killer AI Rooted In Real-World Technology

Artificial intelligence is here and it’s already disrupting our lives. Robots get smarter every day and it feels like we may live to see an AI that’s as smart as a human. But what will that AI want and how will it view the humans who created it?

A rogue AI with deadly intent is the subject of neXT, a new show airing on FOX this October. On this episode of Cyber, presented by FOX, I sat down with the show’s creator Manny Coto to talk about the inspiration for his killer AI.

Coto is an Emmy Award-winning writer and producer of 24. He’s also the executive producer of Dexter and Star Trek: Enterprise. His writing credits include American Horror Story, The Exorcist, The Outer Limits, Tales from the Crypt.

Coto’s history as a horror and science fiction writer is on display in NeXt. He got the idea for his show about a rogue AI when the Alexa’s in his home started to malfunction and call out in the middle of the night, a scary moment that reminded him of The Exorcist.

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