This browser extension acts as your personal grammar checker

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The WhiteSmoke Checker looks for errors in grammar, sentence structure, capitalization, and more.

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TL;DR: Get a lifetime subscription to the WhiteSmoke Grammar Checker for $39.99, a 93% savings as of Oct. 16. 

You may think your grammar is great, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. WhiteSmoke Grammar Checker helps you avoid silly and serious typos alike by checking your spelling, grammar, style, and punctuation as you type. Compatible with all browsers, it’s basically like having your own personal proofreader whenever you’re online.

The tool uses artificial intelligence algorithms to understand the meaning of your words and spot mistakes. In addition to the basics, like spelling, grammar, capitalization, and punctuation, WhiteSmoke will comment on your sentence structure and style. It will even scan for plagiarism.

When you’re staring at a computer all day for work, which is awfully common these days, your eyes can start to glaze over, allowing you to miss the simplest mistakes. But with WhiteSmoke, your writing will be way closer to perfect.

A lifetime subscription to WhiteSmoke’s web browser tool is valued at $600, but for a limited time, you can slash that price down to just $39.99.

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