AIDP and Andy Khawaja are Working to Create New AI Defense Technology

BEIJING–()–Artificial Intelligence Defense Platform, a technology start-up creating AI technology for a safer, more comfortable future, and its Founder Andy Khawaja are integrating new AI advancements for defense technology.

Global defense is a race in itself to have the most advanced technology, and every country wants to be able to effectively protect its borders and its citizens.

According to the United States Department of Defense, they are forming global partnerships that they feel are very important. The Department of Defense and the United States government are taking “a very stringent approach to putting together the ethics principles and frameworks within which [they are] going to operate.”

As technology, weapons, and attacks are innovated to be more effective and, in turn, deadly, Artificial Intelligence Defense Platform is working to use AI to protect the innocent.

“I’ve seen war and violence, and I’ve seen innocent casualties first-hand. It’s something that is hard to witness and even harder to unsee. The world may unfortunately always know war and will always have to innovate for defense,” Founder Andy Khawaja said, “…but I want to create AI technology for defense that will protect people and save the innocent.”

At a panel on October 19th, 2020, Joint Artificial Intelligence Center’s CTO said, “Artificial intelligence is the new oil.”

On September 9th, 2020, Defense Secretary Dr. Mark T. Esper said, “Artificial intelligence has the potential to change the battlefield, and the country that’s first to field it will have enormous advantages over competitors.”

According to, Russian President Vladimir Putin said, the nation that leads in AI will be the “ruler of the world,” and they have already begun investing heavily in AI technology with AI-enabled autonomous systems across ground vehicles, aircraft, and nuclear submarines. says, Chinese weapons manufacturers are selling autonomous drones and advancing the development of next generation stealth unmanned aerial vehicles.

Andy Khawaja and AIDP’s goal is to create AI technology to protect the innocent from this deadly war technology.

“AI-enabled attack vessels and nuclear technology… deadly autonomous systems…We want to save lives while others innovate to take them. We want to protect people and fight for peace,” said Dr. Andy Khawaja.

He added, “We look forward to announcing new developments on our AI Technology for Defense Program so that we may help defend the innocent.”

About Artificial Intelligence Defense Platform:

Artificial Intelligence Defense Platform is creating new AI technology for compatible systems and machines to build a safer, more sustainable future for mankind. Please visit for more information.

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