Portland, Maine Votes in Favor of Facial Recognition Ban

Portland, Maine Votes in Favor of Facial Recognition Ban (engadget.com)



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Portland, Maine is the latest in the growing list of cities in the US to ban facial recognition technologies. From a report: According to Bangor Daily News, people voted in favor of of passing a new measure that strengthens Portland’s existing ban on the use of facial recognition tech by law enforcement agencies and public officials. City councilors originally agreed on a ban back in August with the understanding that the voter referendum would replace their ordinance if it passes. Now that it has passed, it can’t be touched for at least five years. Back in September, Portland, Oregon passed what could be the strictest municipal ban on facial recognition in the country — one that prohibits even private businesses from deploying the technology in public spaces.

“For the love of phlegm…a stupid wall of death rays. How tacky can ya get?”
– Post Brothers comics


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