DeepMind’s AI Agent MuZero Could Turbocharge YouTube

DeepMind’s AI Agent MuZero Could Turbocharge YouTube (



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DeepMind’s latest AI program can attain “superhuman performance” in tasks without needing to be given the rules. From a report: Like the research hub’s earlier artificial intelligence agents, MuZero achieved mastery in dozens of old Atari video games, chess, and the Asian board games of Go and Shogi. But unlike its predecessors, it had to work out their rules for itself. It is already being put to practical use to find a new way to encode videos, which could slash YouTube’s costs. […] MuZero could soon be put to practical use too. Dr Silver said DeepMind was already using it to try to invent a new kind of video compression. “If you look at data traffic on the internet, the majority of it is video, so if you can compress video more effectively you can make massive savings,” he explained.

“And initial experiments with MuZero show you can actually make quite significant gains, which we’re quite excited about.” He declined to be drawn on when or how Google might put this to use beyond saying more details would be released in the new year. However, as Google owns the world’s biggest video-sharing platform — YouTube — it has the potential to be a big money-saver. DeepMind is not the first to try and create an agent that both models the dynamics of the environment it is placed in and carries out tree searches — deciding how to proceed by looking several steps ahead to determine the best outcome. However, previous attempts have struggled to deal with the complexity of “visually rich” challenges, such as those posed by old video games like Ms Pac-Man.

You know, the difference between this company and the Titanic is that the
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