Let this eerily accurate AI dunk on your Spotify habits

How bad is your Spotify? You should check out mine. This got me laughing so hard ? pic.twitter.com/fkLiVVQfG9

— Patricia ♡ (@gaxxgiggles) December 23, 2020

The bot will prompt you to log in with your Spotify account. It promises not to post or change anything — it’s only hungry for your listening data. After it processes your listening habits and asks a few snarky questions, it spits out a string of mean, unnervingly accurate jabs at your taste in music. 

The bot told one member of the Engadget team (who shall remain nameless) that “your Spotify was please-read-my-manuscript-60-dollar-white-tshirt-local-talk-radio-bumper-sticker-bitch bad.” It informed another their listening activity was “kombucha-brewing-too-many-feelings-BTS-is-great-please-dont-ddos-us bad.” Ouch.

I just tried “How bad is your Spotify” on my account and I feel attacked. pic.twitter.com/r6b4uwLlMP

— AniPlaylist (@AniPlaylist) December 23, 2020

It displays a string of stats including one indicating how basic you are. Even if your musical taste falls largely outside the mainstream, the AI may say “there’s a reason nobody listens to the same stuff as you.” Thanks, bot. Instead of simply telling you which songs you replayed most often, it’ll say that “you listen to these tracks too much.” It might flag an artist you’ve been listening to often and ask if you’re okay. 

Before you start gazing at your shoes and contemplating the choices you made that led to these insults, remember the AI is just a bit of fun. That, or it’s a stupid jerk that, like, just doesn’t get you. 

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