Michael B. Jordan stars as Alexa in Amazon’s steamy Super Bowl ad

By Nicole Gallucci

Michael B. Jordan is many things. He’s an actor, film producer, and director — to name a few — but more recently, he’s a beautiful vessel for Amazon’s voice assistant, Alexa.

Amazon pulled out the big guns for the big game and landed Jordan to star in “Alexa’s Body,” a minute-long Super Bowl ad that imagines the actor as an ideal vessel for the AI technology.

I mean, take a minute to really think about how enjoyable asking Alexa things like “how many tablespoons are in a cup,” “turn on the sprinklers,” “dim the lights,” “add bath oil to my shopping list,” or “read my sensual audiobook to me while I take a candle-lit bath” would be if Alexa looked like Jordan instead of a sad little piece of tech sitting on your countertop. Feels great, right? Right…and wrong.

There’s plenty of controversy around Amazon and their smart devices, but we can’t deny that this is a good ad. Still, we must not let People’s 2020 Sexiest Man Alive distract us from Alexa-related privacy concerns. We need to overcome our fantasy AI thirst and get back to reality.

In addition to the ad, Amazon also announced a series of voice commands that people can use to check in with Alexa and Jordan in the lead-up to the Super Bowl. 

If the big game is too boring this year, maybe we can all just watch select Michael B. Jordan episodes of Friday Night Lights instead?

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Nicole Gallucci