Want to work in data? Improve your math skills with these with 10 top-rated courses for under $30

In a world dominated by data, math is more important than ever. If you want to work in programming, data, science, and many other industries, it’s important to have confidence in crunching the numbers. The Mastering Mathematics Training Prep Bundle provides 10 courses from top instructors, and you can get it today for just $29.99.

From artificial intelligence to financial forecasts, many industries rely on mathematical models. To have any chance of understanding them, you need something better than high-school math.

This bundle brings you up to speed, with 96 hours of essential training covering a range of topics. Through concise video lessons, you learn about precalculus and calculus, number base conversion, number theory, and graph theory.

Separate courses show you how to apply this knowledge to quantum computing, AI and machine learning, data science, and more. You even pick up some coding skills.

The content comes from several top instructors, including math tutor Miran Fattah, who has 4.4 stars on Udemy.

It’s worth $2,000 in total, but you can grab the full bundle today for just $29.99.

The Mastering Mathematics Training Prep Bundle – $29.99

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