“Ghost Recon Breakpoint Autonomous Weapons Timeline” by Antibody

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Creative director Patrick Clair and the Antibody crew team with Mathematic Paris to dramatize a throughline to the near future where autonomous weapons are a definite problem in this ominous work for Ubisoft’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint.

Patrick Clair: “I’ve always been fascinated by the relationship between war and technology. This film compiles key moments from the Ghost Recon Breakpoint universe into a timeline of technological advances that lead us towards Autonomous Lethal Weapons – what’s interesting/terrifying is how easily reality blends into fiction and vice-versa.

“At Antibody, we’re always looking to tell stories that interrogate ethics, human fallibility, and technology.

“It was a pleasure partnering with Ubisoft and Mathematic Paris to create these images and we’ve remixed them at Antibody to create this timeline cut. Let’s hope it remains fiction.”


Client: Ubisoft

Production: Antibody

CD: Patrick Clair

Lead animator/compositor: Raoul Marks

Storyboard artist: Lance Le Blanc

Writer: Cleon Prineas

Visual researcher: Charlie Dahan

EP: Carol Salek

Managing partner: Bridget Walsh

Production: Mathematic

Executive Producer: Rebecca Rice

Post supervisor: Alexandre Le Rouge

Post producer: Gouna Logan

Music: Echolab

Composer: Gavin Little

Sound design/mix: Gavin Little

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