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For folks who enjoy military based thrillers, this well reviewed (4.6/5 in 77 reviews) of 3 books set should make for a good read, currently free in Kindle Format.


This box set of award-winning naval warfare thrillers from Jeff Edwards includes all three books of the USS Towers series: Sea of Shadows, The Seventh Angel, and Sword of Shiva.

These novels have accumulated more than 700 Five-Star reviews and are boxed together for the first time!


  • “Jeff Edwards has created a superb thriller that grips the reader from beginning to end. Brilliantly executed.” — CLIVE CUSSLER, International bestselling author of ‘RAISE THE TITANIC’ and ‘THE ROMANOV RANSOM’
  • “Unfamiliar and exciting territory—a magnificent yarn! Guaranteed to keep you turning pages well into the night.” — GREG BEAR, New York Times bestselling author of ‘KILLING TITAN’ and ‘DARWIN’S RADIO’
  • “Jeff Edwards spins a stunning and irresistibly-believable tale of savage modern naval combat.”— JOE BUFF, Bestselling author of ‘SEAS OF CRISIS’ and ‘CRUSH DEPTH’


Sea of Shadows (Book #1) 562 Reviews, Average 4.5 Stars

The only way to survive is to change the rules.

A minor accident at a German nuclear power plant, a Biological Warfare attack on the British Embassy in Washington, DC, and a secret arms deal combine to drive a trusted NATO Ally into an illegal alliance with a rogue Middle Eastern state. With the world hovering on the brink of war, a handful of U.S. Navy warships must track down and destroy a wolfpack of state-of-the-art submarines.

The Seventh Angel (Book #2) 275 Reviews, Average 4.4 Stars

The world has forgotten the true nature of terror. It’s about to be reminded.

A military revolt in southeastern Russia puts a former hard-line Soviet leader in command of a ballistic missile submarine and its arsenal of nuclear weapons. His goal: re-ignite the communist revolution and recapture the glory of the fallen Soviet Union. Without warning, Russia, Japan, and the United States become hostages in a scheme of international nuclear blackmail. When the warheads start falling and people begin dying, no one can pretend that it’s a bluff.

Sword of Shiva (Book #3) 291 Reviews, Average 4.5 Stars

A single spark can ignite a war that consumes the world.

Three Tibetan rebels attack a train carrying Chinese soldiers into the Tibet Autonomous Region. The insurgents escape across the Himalayas into India, unaware that the son of China’s First Vice-Premier lays maimed and dying among the burning wreckage of the train.

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