PUBG: New State

(Pocket-lint) – Krafton and PUBG Studios have announced a new game, PUBG: New State, which will be a brand new mobile game from the makers of PUBG: Mobile.

Yes, it goes straight to mobile, with no mention of a PC version like the original PUBG.

The new game has been announced, but not much has been said, so let’s dive into everything we know about it.

The New State story

New State is set in the year 2051, giving the chance to leap into the future from the original PUBG Mobile game.

The game remains a battle royale title and from everything that’s been said so far, it looks like you’ll be able to dive right in, using the experience from PUBG Mobile.

The main aim here seems to be to evolve the game further than you’d be able to go with a new map or game mode in PUBG Mobile – so it looks like there will be fundamental differences between the games.


The futuristic settings gives the game to change to exploit a post-apocalyptic setting, with the trailer showing battles across an empty shopping mall, vehicles littered with neon lights and additional weapons.

There will be drones and ballistic shields – both of which we’ve seen in Call of Duty: Mobile – and we get the sense that much of what is being introduced is to rival elements we’ve seen in COD:M too. The trailer shows off a skull mask too – very much like Call of Duty’s Ghost character.

It’s also been highlighted that there will be interactive objects, although it’s not clear exactly what these will be, so far, although Krafton says you’ll be able to incorporate these in to the game.


A lot is being said about next-gen graphics. Krafton has been keen to stress that it’s going to push the limit of mobile gaming, using Global Illumination rendering, for increased realism and intensity.

The screenshots certainly look good, but at the moment it’s not known what refresh rates and resolutions it will support. PUBG:M has always been a little vague about these things, using its own naming system for graphics settings.

We suspect that there will be some announcements with partner devices – and PUBG has teamed up with OnePlus in the past. With OnePlus expected to launch the OnePlus 9 later in the month, perhaps we’ll learn more at that time.

New features

Several new features have been highlighted so far:

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Combat rolls

The ability to combat roll has been highlighted, which raises the question of pace of the game. PUBG Mobile is a little slower on foot than the frantic action we’ve seen in Call of Duty: Mobile multiplayer, but this is where we’ve found combat rolls to be really effective. It might be that New State is going to be a faster game, although so far it’s been said that it uses the same gunplay, so we’re not expecting a huge change in gameplay style.


Weapon customisation

While PUBG Mobile lets you add various elements to weapons, it doesn’t go as far as Call of Duty: Mobile’s Gunsmith mode. Gunsmith lets you customise to a heavy degree, which is great for multiplayer because you know you’re going to use that weapon. That doesn’t apply to battle royale so much, which might suggest a switch of focus slightly away from weapon gathering.

It might just be, perhaps, that when you find a weapon, you get the customised version, a little like the current system with weapon skins in PUBG.

Adding grenade launchers and fire mode selections have all been highlighted – but from the trailer, it looks like a number of the weapons are going to be familiar to PUBG:M players.


New vehicles

The trailer highlights a number of vehicles. Some are recognisable from PUBG:M but with a little more futuristic lighting on them. It seems that 2051 will be filled with blue neon.

The launch trailer also seems to have what look like autonomous buses on the roads, which perhaps gives other options for gameplay.

Interestingly, while drones feature in the trailer, several of the images show what look like more advanced helicopters, with two massive fans instead of a rotor.


A new map

Rather than playing on the existing PUBG maps, there’s a new map called Troi. We’re sure there’s a Troy link going on here, but let’s not get distracted.

Troi will be an 8x8km map, which means it’s the same size as Erangel or Miramar, so it’s big. That’s a great start, because big maps make for better games.

We don’t know a huge amount about the map, but it appears, like Erangel, to be temperate, plenty of rivers, trees and built up areas, with the shopping mall getting most of the attention so far.

It also looks like it might have a stadium on it, the inevitable bridges and a whole lot more.

When will PUBG New State be available?

The New State release date hasn’t been confirmed, but pre-registration is open for those on Android.

It will be available on both Android and iOS.

We’ll continue to scour for details and will bring you all the news on PUBG: New State as it breaks.

Writing by Chris Hall.

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