Creating a winning online experience for each customer doesn’t require an army of data scientists. Here’s how to pull it off with AI.

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R “Ray” Wang, principal analyst, founder, and chairman, Constellation Research Inc.


  • Any business can use AI and data to serve individualized and relevant experiences to consumers at the right time.
  • Coveo is hosting a free virtual event March 25 about how companies can improve their consumer-facing digital experiences. 
  • Register for “The Future of Experience is AI” to hear from customer experience experts.

The month of March marks one year since the global pandemic changed all digital experiences from e-commerce to customer service to the workplace. As more consumers develop higher standards for these everyday interactions, being digital is no longer enough in 2021. 

For industries to stay competitive in today’s online economy, they need to use artificial intelligence (AI) to offer personalized recommendations and experiences to survive and win. In a recent Coveo survey of nearly 200 US consumers, respondents reveal how markets are falling short. 

For e-commerce, 9 out of 10 customers expect their online shopping experience to be better than in store, and half of them already face dissatisfaction. 

In customer service, 73% of customers will abandon a brand after three negative experiences, ultimately affecting business revenue. 

And as for the workplace, employees waste over 30% of their day due to outdated technology that doesn’t suit their data-finding needs. 

Access to relevant data that aligns with consumers’ and internal teams’ needs can benefit your entire organization. Rather than serving a one-size-fits-all strategy, many digital giants leverage data and AI to serve effortless, highly individualized web experiences for their customers. 

Every business — big or small — has the information needed to deliver superior digital experiences. What they have lacked is the intelligence layer that makes that data actionable. Luckily, organizations no longer need an army of data scientists to uncover behavioral insights about each customer. By democratizing AI, Coveo injects relevance into every digital touchpoint, allowing clients to find what they need without the effort. 

On March 25, 2021, Coveo will host the interactive virtual summit, Coveo Relevance 360: “The Future of Experience Is AI.” The two-hour event features a lineup of CX leaders to share how your business can level up its digital operations with the right tools to become fully relevant for each stakeholder. 

Speakers include: 

  • R “Ray” Wang, principal analyst, founder, and chairman, Constellation Research Inc.
  • Brian Solis, global innovation evangelist, digital anthropologist, author
  • Rachael Powell, chief customer officer, Xero
  • Louis Tetu, chairman and CEO, Coveo
  • Michael Ni, chief growth officer, Coveo

Sign up now to learn how to create winning customer experiences at every digital touchpoint with AI-Fueled Relevance. “The Future of Experience Is AI,” is taking place at 12 ET, Thursday, March 25, 2021. Registration is free. 

This post was created by Insider Studios with Coveo. 

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