Links 3/13/2021

Spain to plant thousands of trees to help feed bears, as climate change forces them from hibernation early inews

YouTube Star Tim Pool’s News Site Collapses Amid Allegations He Took a Cat Hostage Daily Beast

Prehistoric women were successful big-game hunters, challenging beliefs about ancient gender roles The Conversation (Anthony L)

New Kind of Space Explosion Reveals the Birth of a Black Hole Quanta. Anthony L: “On being eaten from the inside by a Black Hole.” Moi: Eeew!

Countries Tried to Curb Trade in Plastic Waste. The U.S. Is Shipping More New York Times (Robert M)

NFTs are setting the creative world alight. Are they also bad for the planet? (furzy)

How Sustainable is High-tech Health Care? LOW-TECH MAGAZINE (Anthony L)

Deep-sea ‘Roombas’ will comb ocean floor for DDT waste barrels near Catalina Los Angeles Times (furzy)

Scientists may have solved ancient mystery of ‘first computer’ Guardian (Kevin W)

Oil and gas pipelines plague US property owners Popular Science (Kevin W)


Mexico’s lucha libre wrestlers fight against COVID Reuters

Brazil’s in trouble, and the blame can be laid at the feet of its President who recently told citizens to “stop whining.”


On Tuesday, 21% of documented COVID-19 deaths occurred in Brazil (which has 3% of the world’s population)

— Dr Zoë Hyde (@DrZoeHyde) March 13, 2021

India reports year’s biggest COVID-19 spike Reuters

Italy re-imposes near-national lockdown Monday, with most schools, restaurants, shops closing, as terrible 3rd wave of Covid hits. Vaccination programme also struggling, as in most of EU.

— Andrew Neil (@afneil) March 13, 2021


Transmission of SARS-CoV-2 from asymptomatic and presymptomatic individuals in healthcare settings despite medical masks and eye protection Clinical Infectious Diseases

Russia Secures Sputnik Italy Output in European Vaccine Push Bloomberg


Kroger accidentally vaccinates people with empty syringes Independent

To the People Who Tried Slate. Resilc: “If we cannot come together on an issue that killed 500k+, we cannot come together on ANY issue facing USA USA……..”


>U.S. Treasury Begins Sending First Batch of $1,400 Payments Bloomberg. Our Friday evening aide show us her $1,400 receipt on her phone when she got alert. .

Young retail investors plan to spend almost half of their stimulus checks on stocks, Deutsche survey claims CNBC


‘Not Enough Being Done’ to Counter China’s Growing Aggression, US Military Officials Warn – Defense One (resilc)


In Northern Ireland, a ‘shift in enthusiasm’ for Irish unity Aljazeera

Deferring new UK-EU customs controls no ‘universal fix’ for underlying problems The Loadstar

Good point here. EP has not yet ratified the TCA. Can they even do so now the UK has stated it’s clearly and permanently in breach of its commitments?

— Jon Worth (@jonworth) March 13, 2021

#UPDATE Bolivia’s former interim president Jeanine Anez was arrested early Saturday in relation to the 2019 political crisis in which she replaced predecessor Evo Morales, according to a government minister

— AFP News Agency (@AFP) March 13, 2021

Ex-ambassador appointed to lead ‘Havana syndrome’ task force, as CIA expands inquiry into mysterious brain injuries RT (Kevin W)

Exclusive: Myanmar’s first satellite held by Japan on space station after coup Reuters. Resilc: “No democracy there too and they also have a space force……..”


Iran Is Starting to Want the Bomb Foreign Policy

Israel ‘bombed a dozen ships carrying Iranian oil or weapons in past two years’ Guardian (resilc)

Why Saudi Arabia won’t hit back at Iran Asia Times (Kevin W)

Big Brother is Watching You Watch

The UK is secretly testing a controversial web snooping tool Wired (David L)

Microsoft Probing Whether Leak Played Role in Suspected Chinese Hack Wall Street Journal. So now the “hack” is being defined down.

Imperial Collapse Watch

Jackson, Mississippi Residents Enter Fourth Week Of Water Crisis NPR (Kevin W)

Trump Transition

Trump Official Charged in Capitol Riots Had a Rap Sheet and Still Got Top-Secret Clearance Vice

Policy Series 2012-9: Making Trump History H-Diplo (Anthony L)

Exclusive: Dr. Deborah Birx, former Trump coronavirus coordinator, to join Texas air purifier maker Reuters


Biden’s Commerce Secretary is Pure Clintonism CounterPunch (resilc)

Biden’s Build Back Better Plan Faces Hurdles Outside of GOP, Politics Bloomberg

ICE asks for volunteers to deploy to border ‘as soon as this weekend’ to cope with surge Texas Chronicle

Krystal Ball: Inside The Establishment Plot To DESTROY The Left YouTube

Members of Congress Urge Federal Action on High Lumber Prices The Family Handyman

More on H.R.1/S.1: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly CounterPunch (resilc)

Hertz “deeply saddened” that it took 5 years to find the receipt to free an innocent man Boing Boing

‘Everybody shouldn’t be voting’: Arizona Republican defends voter restrictions as GOP pushes ‘fraud’ claims Independent (resilc). Now that that’s official…

Pro-Life Policy After the Baby Arrives American Conservative


Andrew Cuomo’s governorship has been defined by cruelty that disguised chronic mismanagement. Why was that celebrated for so long? New York Magazine. Bob:

Forwarded to me by someone near NYS government. She said it was horrifying and accurate. He’s been doing this shit for more than 10 years. There should be hundreds of these. I still want to hear some recordings of his 11:30 pm personal calls to bully people.

Schumer, Gillibrand call on Cuomo to resign The Hill. Your truly said Thurs (sadly privately) when the story of groping allegation broke, that you could stick a fork in him. Now it’s official. But sadly, the furore appears to be almost entirely about sexual harassment, and not his role in nursing home deaths.

Cuomo walks around his mansion in a blanket with daughter Mariah and dog Captain after Chuck Schumer demanded he RESIGN when seventh woman accused him of sexual harassment Daily Mail (petal)/blockquote>

Our Famously Free Press

Huge middle finger’: YouTube tells foreign creators they will soon be charged AMERICAN tax RT (Kevin W)

Woke Watch

Mum’s the word: British university scraps the word ‘mother’ The Spectator

Ex-CalPERS trustee wants records of CIO’s resignation revealed Pensions & Investments (Kevin W)

Microsoft wants the US to hit search rival Google with Australian-style media laws, following the bargaining code battle down under Business Insider (Kevin W)

Drivers Are 24% More Likely To Speed When Using Adaptive Cruise Control ars technica

NTSB Cites Tesla To Make the Case For Stricter Autonomous Driving Regulation engadget

Theranos: Elizabeth Holmes’ pregnancy expected to delay her trial Guardian (BC)

Mr. Clean” in San Francisco Was Paid $380,000 Per Year – It Wasn’t Enough Real Clear Politics (BC). Yes, I know, right wing leaning site. But the story is on a case filed by the DoJ and helps explain the shitty state of SF sidewalks.

Class Warfare

Marco Rubio Backs Amazon Union Mike Elk. Heads explode. Although the reasons not the best. Basically confirms that forces on both sides of the aisle have woken up a bit late to the idea that Bezos has too much power, and they need to Do Something.

14-hour days and no bathroom breaks: Amazon’s overworked delivery drivers Guardian (resilc)

What if the most important election of the year is happening right now in Alabama? Guardian (resilc)

23rd Annual David Gordon Memorial Lecture UPRE. Michael Hudson. We posted the transcript earlier (Michael Hudson: Finance Capitalism vs. Industrial Capitalism – The Rentier Resurgence and Takeover) but the video is now up, for those of you who prefer that format.

Antidote du jour. CV:

I have never seen an Eastern chipmunk on the frozen snow. It was 10 degrees F when I took this shot. Here it’s sitting at the entrance of its burrow:

A bonus (Chuck L):

Nothing to see here – just a vulture hitching a ride with a couple who are parasailing…

— Rex Chapman🏇🏼 (@RexChapman) March 11, 2021

And another Chuck L bonus. What a stunning video:


A herd of bison head south past Mount Moran on a cold clear winter evening in Jackson Hole, Wyoming#INDIGENOUS #TAIRP

— Indigenous (@AmericanIndian8) March 12, 2021

Bonuses galore! I need extras, it was a tough week:

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