The Queue: My complex flesh cage is collapsing

In the middle of worrying about all these small furry children I surround myself with, my own meat sack is also degrading, which is troublesome. This bone and gristle apparatus I pilot is really not maintained well at all.

This is the Queue. I hope your wet, squelchy sacks of organic compounds in elaborate arrangements are holding up better than mine is.


Yeeeesh. Blizz, put a teleporter or some NPC in Sanctum that ports you back to the entrance. Running back out to change difficulties takes way way WAY too long.

Honestly I don’t get why the raid lead can’t just change them inside the raid and have the whole group get ported to the door when it resets.

As far as we can currently determine, roughly 13.7 billion years ago, an incredibly dense, astonishingly hot point in space existed. We have no idea what physical laws governed that place, or how it functioned — all we can determine is what happened at that moment in space time, which was the cosmic eruption or explosion we today call The Big Bang. From that point onward, physical reality as we understand it came to exist. And because of that moment, you, and everything you have ever experienced happened.

So that’s why.


Q4tQ: With all the what-if questions about what kind of a next expansion we’d like (even if we think we won’t likely get our wish) and so many people suggesting something that’ll take us back to Azeroth and to finally cleaning up Deathwing’s mess… What if we could have an expansion, or at least a patch, that’ll send us to all our previous expansion locations to clean up? Places like Pandaria, Draenor, and the Broken Isles could probably use some help again at this stage.

It could be a free “pick your zone” thing like the levelling experience was in Legion and BfA, only this time we pick an entire world/continent to do x amount of questlines there. Maybe everyone else is groaning at the thought, but I’d play the heck out of this.

What d’ya think?

Based on the Mag’har recruitment in Battle for Azeroth, going back to Draenor might be a bit difficult.

I’m not opposed to your idea. I think I’d almost like an expansion that didn’t have an overarching singular menace at the end to deal with, but instead emulated vanilla WoW and had a series of lesser threats jockeying for power and influence. So while the major players tried to actually do the kinds of things nations do, like negotiate treaties, address problems inside their own territories, etc etc we could spend that time going out and finding threats in the making and nipping them in the bud so they don’t get to be the big bad a few years down the road.

As an example,  with Sargeras in cosmic jail, the Legion is in disarray, but that doesn’t mean that group of demon worshippers in Desolace who want to bring a Pit Lord to Azeroth isn’t a problem, and if they succeed they’ll just get worse, so we spend several levels foiling them, while also dealing with a crazed necromancer trying to capture a Kyrian so that h e can hijack people’s souls for his experiments, and a sect of Dark Iron Dwarves that’s trying to make an alliance with Grimtotem refugees and seize control of the Firelands. None of these guys are Deathwing or Sargeras, but why leave them along to get that bad in a few years?

I’m not one of those players who constantly laments that I’m a powerful hero instead of a rat exterminator nowadays, but I do think an expansion where we deal with stuff before it rips a hole in the sky or breaks free from its ancient Titan prison could be a nice change of pace.


What does everybody do with their cosmetic gear? Do you just throw it away since you’ve collected the appearance?

On my original main, who is now my alt because I’m weird, I have a weapon collection. Every weapon that character collected is in my bank or Void Storage, I don’t delete any of them. Otherwise, yes, I vendor or DE anything I get that I’m just using for appearances.


Top five favorite prehistoric animals go!

Anteosaurus magnificus, for being the first big semi-aquatic ambush predator, a niche we still see today in modern crocodilians.

Aegirocassis benmoulai, a relative of Anomalocaris that was likely the largest animal in the world at the time it existed, and one of the first filter feeding animals. It occupied the niche that big whales do today.

Tyrannosaurus rex, because I was a child once.

Inostrancevia alexandri, a gorgonopsid predator from the late Permian, a relative of modern mammals that had no direct offspring but which essentially helped create the niche held by modern cats, wolves and other mammal predators today, as well as their saurischian rivals the Archosaurs.

Enhydriodon sivalensisthe largest otter ever to exist.

Thank you to everyone who sent their positive thoughts to our Puck. It’s hard, but we remain hopeful, because that’s all you can do, really.

Tomorrow is Mitch, and it probably will actually be Mitch, so get your questions ready for his return.

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