Battlegrounds Mobile India adds Ignition Mode, Tesla Gigafactory, awesome armament; BGMI update, 1.5.0, is mind-blowing

Battlegrounds Mobile India, the successor to the viral PUBG Mobile India game that was banned in the country last year was finally launched on Android devices in the country earlier this month. BGMI game developer Krafton recently published the July update (also referred to as the version 1.5.0 update) which adds new weapons, a new limited-time mode called Mission ignition, a new royal pass system. In addition, the developer has also announced that its Erangel map will feature a Tesla Gigafactory thanks to a partnership with the electronic vehicle manufacturer.

BGMI gamers will be able to take advantage of all the new changes to the game by downloading the latest version from the Google Play Store. In order to learn more about the update including the new vehicles, weapons, game modes and special additions to the game, here is a handy list of the biggest changes coming to the game as part of the 1.5.0 update.

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New limited-time BGMI Ignition Mode

The first and most notable addition to the Battlegrounds Mobile India July update is the new limited-time ‘Ignition Mode’ that arrives on the popular Erangel map inside the game. As part of the update, six regions on the BGMI map will be replaced with high tech locations. But that’s not all, the game is also receiving a visual enhancement, to allow names of smaller areas and locations on the map, like Pochinki and Rozhok to show up in 3D, which should come in very handy as you parachute into the map.

Battlegrounds Mobile India modifies royal pass system

Krafton has announced a new monthly system for the royal pass, and the game will now feature a monthly system called RPM1. Like our previous coverage of Call of Duty Warzone adding a monthly pass system, the Battlegrounds Mobile India royal pass will also last for 30 days and is priced at 360UC. BGMI gamers will also reportedly be able to gain clan points in the game as part of the new Clan Clash mode that will allow them to fight against each other every fortnight.

New weapons and vehicles added in Battlegrounds Mobile India

Battlegrounds Mobile India will feature an exciting new vehicle called the G-38 Gravity Free motorcycle, which can travel over both land and water in the game. However, the vehicle will only be available in the new Mission Ignition mode. On the weapons front, Battlegrounds Mobile India is set to bring a new MG3 light machine gun (LMG) that will replace the M249 LMG which used to be found in supply drops. With two firing modes of 660 RPM and 990 RPM, the MG3 offers only one attachment and shoots 7.62mm ammunition. Krafton also says that throwable healing items will also be accessible in the game so heal your teammates within range by throwing a healing item at them.

New Tesla Gigafactory, HyperLine train travel, plus Semi Trucks on BGMI

It was previously reported that Krafton was bringing a Tesla Gigafactory to its popular PUBG Mobile game, after partnering with Tesla. At the time, fans in India were wondering whether they would get the same treatment with Battlegrounds Mobile India. It looks like the wait has ended as Krafton has now brought the Gigafactory to four locations on the Erangel map. BGMI players will be able to try out the Tesla Model Y after looking at the manufacturing process, and even try out its autopilot feature. The company’s autonomous Semi Trucks will also allow gamers to gain extra loot by shooting them in the game, while a new HyperLine train system will let users travel much faster on the map, to preset routes at specific times.

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