Mare! Yucatecans correct Google and are now part of their LATAM Cloud Accelerator

SoldAI is a startup that dared to bet on artificial intelligence in the mainly tourist environment of the Mexican peninsula.

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Artificial intelligence is growing by leaps and bounds and has been present in different areas of people’s daily lives through chatbots, personal assistants to platforms integrated in cars such as autopilots. However, many errors are still logged when using speech recognition services.

One of the companies that is taking advantage of this technological boom is the Yucatecan startup SoldAI , a firm that dared to bet on artificial intelligence in the mainly tourist environment of the Mexican peninsula.

SoldAI was born five years ago with an Israel Cauich team and since then, the firm has gone from having zero clients in the southeast to having a global portfolio with clients such as Ab InBev, T-Systems, PepsiCo, Nestlé, Grupo Bimbo, and Axtel . It has a team of 18 people and focuses on creating algorithms focused on improving the assistance that corporations provide to their clients, consumers and providers through messaging and voice solutions.

“When we published the article in 2018, it gave us the entrance to have a business relationship with Google. We have talked with the company since then, exploring the options of doing things together ”, commented the CEO and founder of the startup, Israel Cauich . “The fact of entering the accelerator is something very motivating for the team because it will help us make improvements in our technology and optimize our business model.”

They recently launched the Comportia platform to create chatbots, Voxia that turns a chatbot into a telephone assistant and AI Chat that automates contact center and service desk interactions allowing people who act as agents to interact in the conversations that chatbots have with customers. users.

Image: Courtesy SoldAI

SoldAI Google’s relationship began in 2018 when its team was awarded among the best scientific articles of the Mexican Congress of Artificial Intelligence ( COMIA ) in Mérida, organized by the Mexican Society of Artificial Intelligence ( SMIA ). Under the title “Google Speech Recognizer Bug Fixes Using Phonetic Distance Metrics,” they came in third place. In the results they managed to reduce by up to 30% the wrong phrases in the transcription of commercial audio-to-text conversion services such as Google’s.

“Undertaking in Yucatán was complicated in some aspects, especially in the technological validation part because the entity is not characterized by being a place where there are artificial intelligence development companies,” Cauich commented in statements to Entrepreneur in Spanish .

During the experiments that led to the results expressed in the document, 451 examples were recorded with Google’s voice recognition service, which threw errors and after applying the correction algorithm designed by SoldAI, the relative improvement was 13 percent. in the proportion of wrong words and up to 30% in inaccurate sentences.

This alternative is independent from Google’s voice recognition service and can be used with others such as Amazon’s, Apple’s Siri, and IBM’s Watson, as it is strengthened with the use of a dictionary of phrases ad hoc to the context of the service in turn. and you can even add words in other languages such as foreign words, idioms and regionalisms.

Israel Cauich / Image: Courtesy SoldAI

Today SoldAI is part of the group of startups of the first generation of Google’s Cloud Accelerator in Latin America, an accelerator that in its global editions have participated recognized brands in Latin America such as Ben & Frank , Canasta Rosa , Conekta , Ualá , Platzi , Konfío , La Haus , Ripio, CompareOnline , Tienda Nube , Miroculus and Jüsto .

The Google Cloud Accelerator LATAM program , in which they will participate for 12 weeks together with 9 other startups in the region. The winners will have the support of dozens of mentors and experts in artificial intelligence and machine learning, Google Cloud, business and access to capital, digital marketing, organizational culture, among other specialties.

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