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PXR is a new kind of law firm, values-based, driven by technology, dedicated to entrepreneurs and emerging technology companies

  • Family Agency — Senior Designer

  • Independent art director and designer

  • Art Director & Designer at Dorfjungs.

  • Creative Director at Artistsweb.com

  • Creative Director at Buzzworthy Studio

  • CEO and Creative Director at LOOP

  • Freelance Art Director and Digital Designer

  • Jomor Design, Designer & Founder

  • Marketing Director and Co-Founder

  • Creative Director at Vintage Web Production

  • Product Designer at Elephant

  • Awwwards Users – Pro and Chief

  • Creative Director at INVASORIA

  • Independent Creative Front-end Developer

    • Humans & Machines from Germany

    • Thorsten Kozik from Germany

    • Raffael Stüken from Germany

    • Collect

      From Japan

      August 13, 2021

    • Collect

      From Croatia

      August 12, 2021

    • Collect

      From France

      August 11, 2021

    • Collect

      From Canada

      August 10, 2021

    Jury vote eliminated

    Sites are sent to a minimum of 18 Design Jury members, the 3 scores furthest from the average will be automatically eliminated by our system. SOTD will then be sent to the Developer Jury to be evaluated following the Developer Guidelines, find more info here.

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    Joan Menjivar