Global Peace and its benefits


GLOBAL PEACE AND ITS BENEFITS WHAT ARE THE ADVANTAGES OF GLOBAL PEACE? • World peace may be defined as a situation in which people from all countries across the world are pleased and live in harmony with one another. • World peace unites the worldwide community, allowing them to focus on more pressing concerns impacting the globe, such as climate change. When countries collaborate, their inhabitants’ profit because they may easily travel from one country to another for jobs, studies, or tourism. HOW TO DEAL WITH GLOBAL CONFLICT? There are many Organizations for World Peace that are working on the below-mentioned aspects. At the end of this blog, I will mention about one such organization. PEACE AND EDUCATION • Evidence demonstrates that conflict occurs in places where people don’t trust the police or get justice, and where political elites steal people’s chances of living a comfortable life. Lack of education and unemployment also plays a major role in igniting such conflicts. • Governments throughout the world must cease neglecting, abusing, and stigmatizing their citizens. Instead, a profound focus should be given to people development and youth development. The media and others should also be held accountable for promoting hate. PROMOTE GENDER EQUALITY • Gender disparity is the most potent push factor for both external and internal conflict, surpassing GDP, freedom, and ethnic-religious identity. • The greater the gender divide in a country, the greater are its chances to be embroiled in violence. Thus, gender equality protects women and girls from abuse. • It is vital for economic growth. Males and females are valued equally in societies that are safer and healthier. Equality between men and women is a fundamental human right. PROMOTE ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITIES According to a poll conducted by the World Bank, 40% of those who join separatist or terrorist organizations do so due to the lack of economic possibilities. · Economic fairness is also important especially when it comes to public resources, taxation, and tax avoidance. CONTROL WEAPON SALE • Global tensions are rising as arms sales are promoted and large sums of money are spent on aggressive military assets. • Thus, countries that are signatories to controlling the sale of arms treaties must be held accountable to their word. For more details – benefits.html

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