Adobe Elements 2022 will use AI for reframing, pet photo fixes and more

The Adobe Max 2021 conference is happening this month and, as usual, that means updates across its product lineup. Adobe Elements is first on the list, with plenty of Adobe’s Sensei AI-based changes that make it easier to fix photos or videos, extend backgrounds, add animations and more. 

First up, Adobe Photoshop Elements 2022 introduces a bunch of new art filters that let you make a photo look like a painting by Da Vinci, Van Gogh and other artists. Another fun (but also easy to overdo) feature is moving overlays that let you add animated snowflakes, sparkles and the like to photos, then export as an MP4 to share on social networks. 


More practically, Photoshop Elements 2022’s “Guided Edits” feature has new options that let you easily make adjustments. Some of those include a pet photo adjustment that lets you remove leashes and collars, adjust lighting and colors, refine fur and more. You can also extend or replace photo backgrounds, create arty double-exposures (above), remove distracting elements from a photo and adjust shadows and highlights. 

Premiere Elements, meanwhile, uses Sensei AI to automatically re-frame videos to fit in social-friendly aspect ratios for TikTok, Instagram and other apps — while still retaining important content. It also comes with two new Guided Edits options: the ability to add animated overlays and adjust shadows and highlights. Other new features include new slideshow styles, and GIF playback in the Organizer.


Both apps now support automatic updates, so novice users have “no need to deal with dialog boxes,” according to Adobe (this would be a non-starter for most professional users). They also feature a refreshed look and feel with a somewhat cleaner, less cluttered interface. Both apps are now available as a one-time purchase for $100 each, or $150 in a bundle — students and teachers can get both for $80. 

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