Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger iX 2 details story, setting, and characters

Inti Creates has released new information and artwork for Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger iX 2, its recently announced direct sequel to the Azure Striker Gunvolt spin-off game, introducing the game’s story, setting, and characters.

Get the details below.

■ About

Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger iX released back in September 2019, and Luminous Avenger iX 2 is its direct sequel coming to Switch [10,446 articles]”>Nintendo Switch, PS4 [22,044 articles]”>PlayStation 4, PS5 [1,876 articles]”>PlayStation 5, Xbox One [10,235 articles]”>Xbox One, Xbox Series [1,489 articles]”>Xbox Series X|S, and Steam on January 27, 2022!

This new game takes the original speedy and stylish 2D action gameplay to the next level as Copen rips through enemies with his new “Break-Shift” form. His new destructive capabilities makes the high-speed action more satisfying than ever!

Experience a new apeX of cutting-edge 2D action with Luminous Avenger iX 2!

This is our first big update about the game since its initial reveal at BitSummit a few weeks ago, so we have a lot of goodies to share with you today!

■ Story and Setting

Thanks to the efforts of Copen, the “Luminous Avenger iX,” the world is finally at peace.

It was during these peaceful times that Copen threw himself into his research.

Some time after his battles ended, Copen found himself in possession of a mysterious, rifle-shaped piece of tech called a “Blaster Rifle.”

Copen immediately began work on repairing and studying the device. While Copen was deep in the midst of his work, a wormhole suddenly appeared before him and drew him in.

The next thing he knew, Copen found himself in an unfamiliar place—a desert world where only mechanical beings known as “Workers” lived.

Copen, along with Lola and Kohaku who were sent there along with him, must search for a way home. They have the help of a Worker girl, Null, who leads them to a giant tower known as the “Grave Pillar” where the world’s secrets are said to lie. This is where their story begins..


They are descendants of labor robots created by humans. These intelligent robots continue to go by the name “Workers,” despite no longer serving their original purpose. Since they were created to restore the barren environment to one suitable for mankind, they have adapted to using human infrastructure. Many of the Workers have humanoid frames.

Grave Pillar

A tower left behind by the Workers’ “Creator.” It is said that all of the world’s knowledge is stored deep within. The pillar originally served as a test site for experiments to restore the environment. Its interior contains replicas of a variety of climates and terrains.


They are special workers with orders to guard the Grave Pillar. Both “Grave Pillar” and “Gravekeeper” were nicknames given by later generations of Workers.

■ Characters


“Then we’ll just have to break through. I’ll rip it open with my Razor Wheel. Stay back.”

The hero known as “Luminous Avenger iX” in his original world. Copen is a genius scientist of few words. His armor can change seamlessly between two forms.


Copen’s Break-Shift form was created to bring out the full potential of his new weapon, the “Razor Wheel.” It’s a power-focused form intended for close-range combat. Along with the “Recoil Dash,” a powerful tackle attack that can send enemies and obstacles flying, the Break-Shift can also be installed with new abilities such as the “Hyper Guard” which can drastically reduce damage taken.


Copen’s Bullit-Shift form is focused on speed and gives him access to the quick “Bullit-Dash” in mid-air. Thanks to instantaneous changes in composition and structure, Bullit-Shift is drastically faster than Break-Shift. However, its defensive capabilities are also considerably lower. To compensate for this weakness, it is programmed to instantly change to Break-Shift the moment before Copen takes damage.


“That’s where I come in.”

She’s an autonomous, self-aware robot created by Copen to assist him in battle. Lola is equipped with a weapon copy system capable of replicating enemy weapons using data she gathers in combat. She uses these weapons as she flies alongside Copen in battle. While she normally exists as a spherical robot, she can transform into a humanoid form known as “Idol Mode.” In this form, she performs songs that have the power to enhance Copen’s abilities. She has continued her career as an underground pop star in the parallel world, which brings lots of joy to the Workers.


“Geez! That was so messed up! You guys left me and Null behind!”

A super positive and energetic young woman, Kohaku finds herself trapped in the parallel world alongside Copen. Even in an unfamiliar desert world, Kohaku remains as positive as ever and can always be seen raising the spirits of her friends. Though she has a “knack” for repairing machines based on intuition alone, Copen has put a moratorium on her maintenance duties for the time being.


“Oooh! I remember hearing about that.”

She is the new heroine of the Luminous Avenger iX series. Null is a Worker girl who takes care of Copen and the others after they are sent to her world. She has an innocent and sweet personality and is always polite to anyone she meets. As a Worker, she strives to be of use to humans, who are seen as kin to the Creator, and works full time to help out Copen and Kohaku.

■ Brand New Music Video Featuring Lola’s Japanese Voice Actor

The “Muse of Hope” herself, Lola, is back once again with a brand new music video! Just like we did for the first Luminous Avenger iX game, we have Lola’s Japanese voice actress, Ms. Mayu Mineda, performing songs from the game! Check out the title theme to Luminous Avenger iX 2, “Command Prompt”! (English subtitles are included in the video.)

Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger iX 2 is due out for PlayStation 5, Xbox [19,805 articles]”>Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC [13,809 articles]”>PC via Steam on January 27, 2022

Watch the “Command Prompt” music video below. View a new set of images at the gallery.

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