JEE Main 2022 Topper Says Music Helped Prepare Better, Aims at Pursuing Research in AI, Robotics

Last Updated: August 09, 2022, 18:51 IST

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Aniket says music helped him prepare better

JEE Main topper says, for those planning to take JEE, I would suggest sticking to NCERT and practicing mock test papers as much as they can.

Aniket Chattopadhyay — one of the 24 candidates who have topped JEE Main 2022 with a 100 percentile score — says he wants to peruse a career in computer science in one of the top IITs in the country. He says that he eventually wants to pursue research in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics.

The student of Narayana school, is a native of Telangana, has scored 99 percent in Chemistry, and 100 percent in physics and mathematics in his JEE Mains Session 2. He says that the lockdown and its imposed online learning restrictions came as a blessing to him, contributing to his success at JEE mains. “It gave me extra time and self-study space to prepare for my exams. So, I utilized it to prepare for my exams and score well.”

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Talking about his daily routine for his exams he said, “I would study for two hours straight and then take half an hour break and divide my time to devote equal hours to each subject. As the exams started approaching, I kept the exam duration in mind to divide the time, so I use to sit for straight three hours and then take a breather,” he told News18.

Aniket who loves listening to music says, “Music has helped me a lot during my preparation. I listen to both instrumental and lyrical music while studying. Some people say that they get distracted while listening to lyrical music but for me, music is music and everything works.”

He says that he also gained a lot while studying with his peers. “While the preparation pattern of exam preparation is a very personal choice but for me studying with my peers helped a lot. Even though self-study is important but when studying with peers, one can learn a lot,” said the 17-year-old.

When asked what worked for him, during his exams he said, “My mantra is to follow the basic steps of studying. Listen to your teachers carefully, revise it soon after the class and listen to the advice given by our teachers.” He says for both his Board and JEE preparation, he relied on NCERT books. “NCERT covered most of the syllabus for both the exams. For those who are planning to take JEE, I would suggest sticking to NCERT and practice mock test as much as they can. ”

He says that his family and his teachers have been his biggest support during his exam preparation. “While my family was there to be on my side, my teachers were also there for my guidance.”

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