ADA Demon, the best Play-to-Earn Game, Announces the Private Seed Sale of its native token, $AGONY

In a competitive market already filled with several Play-to-Earn games, ADA Demon has managed to secure a place for it at the very top. An immersive game with amazing graphics and thrilling gameplay, ADA Demon is set to amaze you right from the start. And with the platform launching the Private Seed Sale of the $AGONY, its native token, this could be your chance to invest in the next big thing in the crypto industry and get the high returns you have always wanted.

The total number of $AGONY tokens is capped at 5,000,000,000, a reasonable figure, given the backing of a market-oriented tokenomics to combat inflation or any sudden drop. You can invest in $AGONY using the $ADA tokens with the exchange rate set at 1 $ADA = 300 $AGONY tokens during the Private Seed Sale.The softcap and hardcap has been set at 400,000 $ADA and 500,000 $ADA respectively.

There’s also a limit to the number of tokens investors can purchase at the moment to ensure participation from maximum investors. Since ADA Demon works as a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), it’s imperative to have higher participation and not create a monopoly. A single user can invest a minimum of 300 $ADA and a maximum of 35,000 $ADA when acquiring $AGONY. 

Invest during the Private Seed Sale for maximum benefits

The price of $AGONY is set at the lowest ever level during the Private Seed Sale and should see a considerable rise once it gets listed on exchanges. This is based on an in-depth assessment of the tokens’ utility, the tokenomics backing it, and the response received by ADA Demon ever since the launch. So, invest right away to earn maximum ROI on $AGONY!

Also, with the token acting as an in-game utility and facilitating transactions, it would be wise to invest in it at the lowest ever price if you are a fan of ADA Demon and want to purchase items from the marketplace. To defeat monsters and progress through certain levels in ADA Demon, players will need specialized weapons only available in the marketplace and purchased using $AGONY. And, these levels are often the most rewarding ones.

Next is the staking protocol on ADA Demon, where users can add their current $AGONY tokens to the staking pool and earn a steady stream of funds. The more tokens you stake, the more you receive as rewards!

Then comes the DAO aspect of ADA Demon which highlights the fact that it is a community-run platform. Here, the investors who have staked their $AGONY tokens will propose and approve changes. The more tokens you have staked, the higher your say in the community. So, stake as many tokens as you can and be a decisive voice in choosing the right course for ADA Demon.

About ADA Demon 

Though there are several Play-to-Earn games available, ADA Demon takes a different route and has come up with a refreshing concept. Players start off as ghosts in the fields of Asphodel, a section of the underworld where ordinary souls are sent to live after death and have to find their way out. To do that, they must venture into the various zones and defeat monsters to make their way through. 

Also, as players progress through the levels, tasks would become more challenging and monsters scarier. To survive, several players form guilds and together traverse the dangerous zones. The rewards earned by defeating monsters in guilds are distributed equally amongst all the members.

Besides, the items available in the dangerous zones are far rarer and will fetch a higher price when traded in the marketplace. Players who want to quickly progress through the initial stages can purchase high-level items from the marketplace and get a quick boost.

ADA Demon offers something for everyone, and the high-rewarding mechanics are bound to keep you glued. And the way its native token, $AGONY, has been intertwined in the ecosystem, things sure seem to be heading on the right path. So, don’t waste another moment and purchase the $AGONY token in the Private Seed Sale right away!

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