China shows off robot dog armed with machine gun dropped by drone into battle

In a video shared on China’s Weibo social media, the “Kestrel Defense Blood-Wing” account showed a drone dropping off the killer robot on the roof of a building

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Terrifying video shows Chinese robot attack dog dropped by drone

China has showcased its cutting-edge military technology in the form of a robot dog equipped with a machine gun that can be deployed into battle by drone.

Military contractors shared the video on the “Kestrel Defense Blood-Wing” page on Weibo, showing a drone hovering over buildings before dropping the killer bot on a roof.

As the unmanned aerial vehicle darts away, the robot stands and appears to be scanning for targets nearby.

It looks as though it has an automatic weapon attached to its back, which was later confirmed by WarZone.

The military website believes the weapon could be the Chinese QBB-97 light machine gun.

The impressive firearm has an effective range of 400 metres and can fire 650 rounds per minute.

A Chinese military contractor created a video showing off its terrifying new robot gun dog



The Weibo post describing the weapon’s capability, reads: “War dogs descending from the sky, air assault, Red Wing Forward heavy-duty drones deliver combat robot dogs, which can be directly inserted into the weak link behind the enemy to launch a surprise attack or can be placed on the roof of the enemy to occupy the commanding heights to suppress firepower. And ground.”

Similar weapons have been designed across the world, but most are used by human operatives.

Military analysts fear these autonomous weapons could soon be deployed to the battlefield.

The machines would allow forces to embed deep behind enemy lines without the risk of human fatalities.

It appears to have a machine gun attached to its back



Earlier this year, it was rumoured that Vladimir Putin could unleash his favourite “war toys” in Ukraine.

The Russian leader’s terrifying arsenal of high-tech support includes flying kalashnikovs, paratrooper dogs and robot tanks.

It comes as elite paratroopers were seen being moved close to the border amid fears of a military operation to occupy Kyiv.

A train with the Russian crack troops and their equipment was spotted moving west through the Bryansk region, which borders both Ukraine and Belarus, towards the potential war zone.

Nearly 130,000 military personnel have already been dispatched by the Kremlin to the north and east of their former Soviet allies.

The development was shared on Weibo



Boris Johnson has warned Putin any such invasion will be met with fierce guerrilla warfare, while Nato is holding jets on standby and US President Joe Biden is mulling over sending 50,000 troops of his own.

As such, former KGB agent Putin may decide to deploy some unconventional weaponry in an effort to gain the upper hand.

Russian scientists claim to have created the world’s first autonomous driverless robot tanks – armed with sensors, rockets, machine guns and flamethrowers – which could wipe out enemy trench positions.

Kremlin defence officials claim after successful testing in Syria the Uran-9 strike robots are now already operational.

They are understood to be able to act independently, as well as in groups using AI and remote control.

Russia is also said to be developing the BMPT-72 “Terminator” – which can allegedly survive nuclear explosions and down planes – and the “invisible” T-14 robot super tank.

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