Extreme Right-wing Bloc Poised to Take Over in Israel’s Knesset

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An extreme Right-wing government is now poised to take over in Israel, headed by Binyamin Netanyahu who is currently awaiting trial on charges of corruption.  This new government is committed to illegally annexing huge swathes of Arab land in complete contempt of UN Security Council Resolution 2334 of December 2016.

What does this mean for the United Kingdom which has so unwisely allowed the Israeli state to be a close collaborator in Britain’s military and civil defence?

The first imperative of any government is to protect the state i.e. in the case of the UK, that is 68.7m British citizens from any threat, yet this Conservative government has allowed an extremist Right wing, Middle East state – that is not even a NATO member – to be intimately involved in our national security.

To allow any foreign power to be so involved is dangerous but to allow a non-NATO, non European state, situated in the Middle East, such involvement is a dereliction of duty.

Israel is the only undeclared nuclear weapon state in the world and is estimated by American scientists to have secretly built between 100-400 nuclear warheads, that are stored in underground bunkers and silos in the Negev desert.  In addition, the Israeli state has a fleet of nuclear armed, Dolphin-Class, German-built submarines that could blow Britain out of the water, at any time.  They are assumed to be covertly patrolling the Mediterranean and other seas around both the Gulf and Europe.

Furthermore, and tellingly, the state of Israel is not a party to the IAEA, nor the OPCW and, unlike the rest of the free world, is free to manufacture and store nuclear, chemical and biological weapons – in gross contradiction of international treaties and agreements..

Israeli intelligence has been given access to Britain’s military defence secrets but we have little knowledge of theirs. In addition, representatives of Israeli military and  espionage suppliers sit openly as Peers of the Realm in the House of Lords.  What kind of national defence is this? Who is responsible for this abdication of national security?

What is Britain going to do about this dangerous abdication of the nation’s defence?

Are we to continue to meekly submit to the demands of the lobby at Westminster?

It is a national scandal that could well bring down the government in view of its abdication of security that is so important to the state.  This was definitely not that for which so many millions gave their lives in two world wars.


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Hans Stehling (a pen name) is a regular contributor to Global Research.

Featured image is from Massoud Nayeri

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