‘I Had Throw Away Your Pizza’: Cake Boss Pizza ATM Slammed on TikTok for Steep Price Tag and Poor Taste

Buddy Valastro may be the Cake Boss, but people aren’t convinced he’s much of a pizza entrepreneur.

The baker, who garnered fame from his hit TLC show about his family-owned Carlo’s Bakery in Hoboken, New Jersey, has expanded beyond his home roots with several ventures including his Pizza Cake restaurant in Las Vegas, and most recently his new pizza vending machines in Sin City’s Linq Hotel.

However, one Las Vegas blogger wasn’t impressed with the quality of the machine’s slice in a now-viral TikTok review of the product, which has since been viewed 450,600 times.


Big mistake in Las Vegas save your money! There are better pizzas in Las Vegas for way cheaper

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After showing viewers how to use the touchscreen machine, the blogger showed how the cheese pizza was “dry and thick.” She then proceeded to throw the pizza away after saying she was disappointed with the Cake Boss’s product.

People echoed her sentiments in the comments, one writing, “I can buy a whole pizza for $6 at Little Ceasers and it looks better than that,” while another added confection humor, “It’s lacking in rice treat and fondant with modeling chocolate and pvc pipe so idk if you can call it a cake boss pizza.”

The vending machines launched in October, according to Vital Vegas, offering customers 24/7 access to slices of cheese, pepperoni, and Italiano pizza for $9.95 – $10.95 for one and $19.95 for two.

Each slice is kept refrigerated in the vending machine, which uses pizza heating technology called “TurboChef” to heat the slices in 2 to 3 minutes.

Still, despite the poor TikTok review — and despite being “made” in an ATM — the pizza isn’t overly-processed, according to Vital Vegas. The mozzarella is made handmade by Valastro’s father-in-law Mauro Belgiovine at the nearby Boss Cafe before it’s refrigerated and distributed to the machine.

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