Murderworld Drops Killer Avengers into Their Very Own Squid Game

Details have emerged regarding Marvel’s mysterious Murderworld story, and it appears the Avengers have become killer robots from Squid Game!

Killer versions of the Avengers are taking part in their own Squid Game story in the new Murderworld series. Huge crossover events have been making up a massive part of Marvel’s comic year in 2022. Not only has the ultimate battle in the Marvel Universe been taking place between the Avengers, the X-Men and the Eternals in Judgment Day; but Spider-Man and some of his friends, including Ms. Marvel, are about to face a massive threat to their world as the Webhead takes on his twisted opposite Ben Reilly in Dark Web. It’s certainly been a big time for Marvel because of these gigantic stories, but their newest crossover event Murderworld is looking to be their most ambitious yet.

First announced in August by writer Jim Zub, Murderworld is an upcoming series of comics that will see many members of the Avengers dropped into a mad amusement park created by the X-Men’s enemy Arcade. Details were kept fairly under wraps with a promise from the creative team that it would be a story that not even the fans would be prepared for when they pick up the first issue. However, hints were dropped over the next few months with discussions of killer versions of heroes going after park guests and two covers revealed to show characters like Spider-Man joined by his multiverse counterparts. Now, it’s been unveiled what lies in store for the heroes in Arcade’s demented theme park, and it could be a huge hit for comic fans based on its clever subversion.

According to an official press release shared by AIPT, Murderworld will be a series by Jim Zub and Ray Fawkes that makes heroic beacons of hope like Captain America and Spider-Man into stone-cold robotic killers, as 200 contestants try to survive their wrath for an enormous cash prize. It’s a plot that’s similar to the hit Netflix series Squid Game with a bit of HBO’s Westworld thrown in the mix, but the games will instead be a test of survival against superpowered killers. The series is already promising a “body count [that] will rise with each twist and turn” as a documentarian named Paul Pastor works with Black Widow “to expose it all” while the latter “has a person grudge to settle with the Murderworld mastermind.” The series will take place over five one-shot issues featuring different Marvel heroes as killer robots taking on Pastor and Widow before ending with the final issue Murderworld: Game Over.

Murderworld Is a Terrifying Event That Is Years in the Making

Due to the success of 2021’s Squid Game, which was recently picked up for a second season at Netflix, it’s not uncommon to think that this story was a response by Marvel to the series’ popularity. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Writer Jim Zub elaborates that he came up with the idea “many years ago” with Ray Fawkes to craft a “twisty thriller-survival story set in Arcade’s deadly playground.” Squid Game certainly could have helped the series get greenlit, but it’s definitely not a copy according to Zub. Fawkes even elaborated on the horror aspect of the series when discussing the series with Zub by saying they came up with “ideas to make it more and more frightening.” This is good news for people who love a bit more violence in their comics since it looks like they’ll be leaning in hard on the killer robot idea.

The Murderworld saga is expected to begin on November 16th with Murderworld: Avengers before moving on to killer versions of the heroes like Wolverine. The series will continue for five months and feature multiple talented artists handling each issue including Jethro Morales, Farid Karami, Carlos Nieto, Luca Pizzari and Netho Diaz with more to be announced. Fans of Marvel and Squid Game are going to want to pick up this series when it gets going because these killer robot Avengers are looking to change the game for violent Marvel stories with the Murderworld saga.

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Look for Murderworld: Avengers on November 16th from Marvel Comics!

Source: AIPT Comics

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