Drone advances in Ukraine could bring dawn of killer robots

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Drone advances in Ukraine could bring dawn of killer robots

Associated Press via Yahoo ^

| January 3rd, 2023

Posted on 01/03/2023 2:14:38 PM PST by Mariner

KYIV, Ukraine (AP) — Drone advances in Ukraine have accelerated a long-anticipated technology trend that could soon bring the world’s first fully autonomous fighting robots to the battlefield, inaugurating a new age of warfare.

The longer the war lasts, the more likely it becomes that drones will be used to identify, select and attack targets without help from humans, according to military analysts, combatants and artificial intelligence researchers.

That would mark a revolution in military technology as profound as the introduction of the machine gun. Ukraine already has semi-autonomous attack drones and counter-drone weapons endowed with AI. Russia also claims to possess AI weaponry, though the claims are unproven. But there are no confirmed instances of a nation putting into combat robots that have killed entirely on their own.

Experts say it may be only a matter of time before either Russia or Ukraine, or both, deploy them.

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Thank you very much and God bless you.

The future of warfare is the $5,000 drone with a 1,000 mile range, AI/Swarming tech, and a 50lb HE cargo…or 20gals of napalm exploding at 50ft overhead.

How long before we see incendiary drones attack troop concentrations?

The only effective counter is defensive drones of similar cost. But we KNOW it’s not NASAMS ($350k per shot cheapest) or Patriots ($4mil per shot).

posted on 01/03/2023 2:14:38 PM PST
by Mariner

To: Mariner

posted on 01/03/2023 2:19:10 PM PST
by Levy78
(Reject modernity, embrace tradition. )

To: Mariner

♫ This is the dawning of the age of killer robots . . . age of killer robots ♫

posted on 01/03/2023 2:20:52 PM PST
by Jeff Chandler

To: Mariner

Long term science fiction scenarios have been like this.

Libertarian military SF author Jerry Pournelle had 10 volumes in his series of various authors’ new SF war stories. Peace didn’t break out for a long time and the books kept selling.

If you think about it, though, Side A sends drones, unmanned submarines and killer robots. Side B sends exact items to fight Side A, with their egotistical idea that their versions are better than the other guys’.

Then living humans aren’t killed until one side overwhelms the other. With the elites living in Dr.Strangelove bunkers.

posted on 01/03/2023 2:22:32 PM PST
by frank ballenger
(You have summoned up a thundercloud. You’re gonna .hearyou from me. Anthem by Leonard Cohen)

To: Levy78

To: Mariner

A laboratory for the merchants of death.

posted on 01/03/2023 2:25:39 PM PST
by Salman
(It’s not a slippery slope if it was part of the program all along. )

To: Mariner

“The only effective counter is defensive drones of similar cost.”

No, not the only counter. We could launch a Butlerian Jihad against the Thinking Machines.

posted on 01/03/2023 2:36:42 PM PST
by Boogieman

To: Mariner

Will they bang the Mexican maid like Arnold Swartzenstupid

posted on 01/03/2023 2:37:15 PM PST
by NWFree
(Somebody has to say it 🤪)

To: Mariner

If you think this is unnerving, wait until the tech matures and leaks out of the hands of military services so that any individual (or terrorist cell) can get their hands on it. That’s when we’re all going to wish we were in a bunk for the rest of our natural lives.


To: Mariner

I don’t know but I was thinking something a bit cheaper than that. Line up a few platoons along the front after a night of heavy ingestion of bean burritos, turn around, drop ya drawers, and let er rip. If timed just right, might just get a standing wave going. That ought to do some damage right there.

posted on 01/03/2023 2:50:16 PM PST
by LastDayz
(A blunt and brazen Texan. I will not be assimilated.)

To: Mariner

Experts say it may be only a matter of time before either Russia or Ukraine, or both, deploy them.

Will not be Russia because all of their modern tech depends on Western tech now embargoed.

posted on 01/03/2023 2:53:27 PM PST
by PIF
(They came for me and mine … now its your turn)

To: Mariner

Then we move underground and live like trolls.

posted on 01/03/2023 3:07:14 PM PST
by for-q-clinton
(Cancel Culture IS fascism…Let’s start calling it that!)

To: Boogieman

The good countermeasure is a scrambler drone that blocks all commo of the attacking drones, and is somehow “immune” to the scrambler signal. The scrambler drone can be a single drone inserted into the attacking swarm.

posted on 01/03/2023 3:08:36 PM PST
by SgtHooper
(If you remember the 60’s, YOU WEREN’T THERE!)

To: Mariner

posted on 01/03/2023 3:33:06 PM PST
by sauropod
(“If they don’t believe our lies, well, that’s just conspiracy theorist stuff, there.”)

To: silent majority rising

Robocop IS here.

And likely, Robocop is bent.

posted on 01/03/2023 3:35:54 PM PST
by Navy Patriot
(Celebrate Decivilization)

To: Mariner

Basically you just reinvented the history of early military aviation.

Pilot’s observing, to pilots with pistols shooting at pilots observing, to pilots throwing hand grenades out the cockpit, to mounting machine guns to the wings or nose, to placing bombs under wing to actual interior bomb loads with bomb bay doors, etc., etc.

Eventually 6th Generation Stealth drones and bombers, drones with nukes….

posted on 01/03/2023 3:43:38 PM PST
by Alas Babylon!
(Gov’t declaring misinformation is tyranny: “Who determines what false information is?” )

To: Mariner

I’ve been saying for years that weaponized robots are coming and will be more deadly and destructive than nuclear weapons. We live in dangerous times.

posted on 01/03/2023 6:05:11 PM PST
by unlearner
(RIP America. July 4, 1776 – December 13, 2022. )

To: unlearner

“and will be more deadly and destructive than nuclear weapons”

Not likely.

posted on 01/03/2023 6:49:50 PM PST
by Mariner
(War Criminal #18)

To: Mariner

posted on 01/04/2023 6:50:08 AM PST
by unlearner
(RIP America. July 4, 1776 – December 13, 2022. )

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