Dutch Chip Equipment Maker ASML’s CEO Pushes Back Against US Export Rules On China

Dutch Chip Equipment Maker ASML’s CEO Pushes Back Against US Export Rules On China (reuters.com)



from the trying-to-avoid-the-chip-war dept.

Slashdot reader hackingbear writes: Peter Wennink, the chief executive of ASML Holding NV, the Dutch semiconductor equipment maker, on Tuesday questioned whether a U.S. push to get the Netherlands to adopt new rules restricting exports to China make sense. “He said that following U.S. pressure, the Dutch government has already restricted ASML from exporting its most advanced lithography machines to China since 2019, something he said has benefited U.S. companies selling alternative technology,” reports Reuters. “He said that while 15% of ASML’s sales are in China, at U.S. chip equipment suppliers ‘it is 25 or sometimes more than 30%.'”

In response to U.S. claims that advanced chips owned by China pose a threat to national security due to military applications and the rise of artificial intelligence, Wennink said: “What constitutes national security is for Americans to determine. But it is common knowledge that chip technology for purely military applications is usually ten, fifteen years old. The technology used to make such chips can still be sold to China. Artificial intelligence requires the most advanced chips. They are made with EUV and are therefore not produced in China. But those chips are simply sold, also to the Chinese. American chip manufacturers have no problem with China as a customer.”

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