Carnage’s New Weapon Makes Him Marvel’s Next God-Level Threat

Carnage has finally obtained his own version of the deadly All-Black: All-Blood, an ultimate godslayer weapon that makes him Marvel’s next big threat.

Warning: SPOILERS for Carnage #10The nefarious plan of Carnage for his “ascension” is finally revealed: the murderous red symbiote was after a weapon of unimaginable power, Carnage’s personal version of the All-Black, the Necrosword of Knull, the god of symbiotes. Now that carnage has obtained his god-killing weapon, the entire Marvel Universe will tremble in fear.

In Carnage #10, by Ram V, Francesco Manna, and Erick Arciniega, Carnage’s long and twisted plan finally comes to fruition. After reaching the legendary forge of Nidavellir and persuading the blacksmith Drorin to create his weapon, Carnage has given him as a blueprint Malekith’s codex, which contains the memory of All-Black. Drorin is actually planning to kill Carnage using the incredible heat generated by the forge, which only Uru metal can absorb. However, moments before dying, Carnage absorbs the particles of Uru metal from the corpses of dwarfs lying around the forge, melding it with his body and using it to create his sword, All-Blood, emerging in a new, divine form.

Carnage Just Obtained One Of The Most Powerful Weapons In The Marvel Universe

This is the culmination of a very long plan that the Carnage symbiote after being separated from his host, the serial killer Cletus Kasady, and witnessing the godlike power acquired by Eddie Brock after killing Knull and ascending as the new King in Black. First, Carnage needed the means to travel to Asgard’s dimension, which he obtained after killing the supervillains Hydro-Man and the Spot, and absorbing their powers. Then, Carnage went after Malekith, who was trapped in Hel after being defeated by Thor at the conclusion of the War of the Realms. In the climax of that battle, Malekith used the Venom symbiote to summon All-Black, and every symbiote leaves a piece of itself (called “codex”) inside its hosts, which contains all their information and powers. By taking Malekith’s codex, Carnage obtained the blueprints of All-Black.

This legendary and destructive weapon belonged to Knull, an Elder God of darkness and the creator of the symbiote species. All-Black is actually the first symbiote, manifested from Knull’s shadow and tempered using the power of a slain Celestial. All-Black was wielded by Knull and later found its way to other deicidal villains, such as Gorr the God-Butcher or the Loki of Earth-14412. When wielded by Knull, the Necrosword allowed him to channel the endless power of the slain Celestial, but this connection has been severed. However, bonding with All-Black still grants its host powers similar to those of Knull himself. Gorr, who was a mere mortal, was able to kill countless gods and even defeat three versions of Thor at the same time.

Carnage Is Now A God-Slayer

Carnage was already pretty powerful by himself, so there is no way of telling how dangerous he is with All-Blood. What is most interesting is that, while he still takes the body of detective Jonathan Shayde as his new host, Carnage is actually an autonomous symbiote, so he will possibly be able to use the powers of All-Blood – which is also a symbiote – at their best. With this new upgrade, Carnage has the power to kill anyone and anything, making him the next god-level threat for the Marvel Universe.

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Carnage #10 is available now from Marvel Comics.

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