Snapchat AI goes ‘rogue:’ Users react to chatbot posting story

This isn’t the first time My AI shot to the limelight for unhinged behaviour. (Express image)

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Snapchat AI goes ‘rogue:’ Users react to chatbot posting story


Snapchat’s My AI has been behaving erratically for hundreds of millions of users worldwide. The AI chatbot posted a mysterious Story on its profile and responded in an unusual manner in chats, causing unease in its users.

Launched earlier this year, Snapchat’s My AI chatbot is designed to behave as a friend Snapchatters can talk to and get help across a number of topics including places to visit, Lenses to use, and clothes to wear.

Anyone else’s Snapchat My AI post to their story???

— Landon Reinhardt (@landonian87) August 16, 2023

My AI on Snapchat just posted a story of a ceiling. And now I’m thinking killer robots have invaded my apartment.

— Nicholas Fearn (@nicholasgfearn) August 16, 2023

The bot temporarily stopped working though, answering all questions with “Sorry, I encountered a technical issue ?” In addition to this, My AI also posted an image on its story – its very first – of what seems to be a wall or a ceiling. That story was deleted shortly.

Some Snapchatters even panicked because they thought it was a photo of some wall in their own house. However, those fears were laid to rest quickly when it was established that everyone saw the same story.

Snapchat AI?!

Apology accepted

— Nik Mason (@NikMason3) August 16, 2023

While people on X (formerly Twitter) speculated a lot of things, Snapchat today confirmed that My AI had experienced an outage and that the issue has now been “resolved.” However, the platform is yet to address the unusual photo My AI posted on its story.

Snapchatters cry foul play

Some Snapchatters have now come forward alleging that My AI’s story originated from their own homes, showing how their walls resemble the mysterious image and implying that the AI secretly recorded them.

TikToker claims Snapchat’s My AI recorded her with out her permission then sent it to everyone.

— DramaAlert (@DramaAlert) August 16, 2023

However, these claims seem far-fetched, considering the story is just a generic picture of a white ceiling and a beige wall — if it indeed is a wall at all.

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