Microsoft to Hold Special Event on Sept. 21

Microsoft is putting on a special show next month, but the tech giant is keeping quiet about what it’ll reveal at the event. 

An invite to the Sept. 21 show in New York City went out to the media Thursday. Microsoft didn’t provide details but says it’ll have more information soon. 

Though Microsoft didn’t come out and say the event has to do with a new lineup of Surface products, it did have a show focusing on the Surface around the same time last year, in October. At that event, the company unveiled the Surface Pro 9, the Surface Laptop 5 and the Surface Studio 2 Plus

Along with the likely 2023 lineup of Surface products, Microsft might show new features revolving around artificial intelligence. The company has incorporated AI chat into its Microsoft Edge browser and Bing search engine. It also launched a tool called Windows Copilot, which brings an AI chat interface to Windows. Microsoft could be looking to make AI a fixture in its other products. 

September may be a big month for tech company events. Along with Microsoft, Apple will hold its annual show in September to reveal the next iPhone. And Meta and Google tend to have their own events around this same time as well. 

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Oscar Gonzalez