With Losses, Russia Turns To Horses To Send Troops Into Battle

I guess.

Probably ok for moving soldiers around and carrying loads. Not so great against tanks though I imagine.

The Russian army still sends troops into battle on the backs of four-legged creatures.

Local media reported that Russians now use their horses to transport weapons and equipment to hard-to-reach places.

The horses were brought to Ukraine from Russia’s autonomous republic of Bashkiria.

The horses were brought to Ukraine at the request of the regiment commander with the call sign “Bashkir,” in which the mobilized from the republic serve.

“We can use shishigas [GAZ-66 trucks] and quad bikes. But with them, there is a risk of being detected. But in the morning dawn on horses, we can silently and discreetly deliver everything we need to the combat positions. On two horses, it’s about 200 kilograms. You can make two trips in the morning,” Bashkir said.

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Ed Scarce