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Speaker 2: To Snapdragon Summit 2023.

Speaker 1: If you remember, we came to summit last year and we said we are embarking on this journey to develop our new custom Orion CPU. And our goal when we set ourselves to develop the CTU, is to set the bar for the industry and establish the performance leadership for Windows pc we have delivered. [00:00:30] And I have to tell you, we exceeded our own expectations. So based on the announcement today, I’m very pleased to tell you that there is a new sheriff in town. The Orion CPU is the new leader on mobile computing. It’s being designed. [00:01:00] It’s been designed by Qualcomm from the ground up with one thing in mind. Can we have unprecedented level of performance at extremely low power? That’s what we do and create a technology that could actually bring to reality all those. This devices that we envision is going to be part of how our future, I think, experience including of mobile computing. Our Orion U exceeds the M two max in.

Speaker 1: [00:01:30] It’s faster than any leading arm compatible competitor in a single threaded CPU performance. Take a photo. A photo. I am sure you want to take the next photo too. If you want to match, [00:02:00] match that performance, it can do a 30% less power. Isn’t that incredible? But if we say that is the new CPU leader for mobile computing, I have to show you more. So it’s faster than leading X 86 CU. [00:02:30] Single threaded CPU performance of the core exceeds the I 9 13 9 80 hx, which is designed for high performance gaming device. Okay, get ready for the next photo. That’s going to be good. And if you want to match the performance, he does a 70% less power. Introducing

Speaker 3: [00:03:00] Snapdragon Ex Elite. Our most powerful, most advanced and most intelligent platform for the modern AI PC Snapdragon ex Elite is the result of a relentless pursuit to create the ultimate intelligent computing experience. The performance and efficiency of Snapdragon X lead is unlike anything the industry has ever seen, and [00:03:30] with its on-device AI capabilities, it kicks off a completely new era for the pc. We’ve redesigned Snapdragon ate with improvements extending across the C-P-U-G-P-U and NPU. Let’s get into the different components and see how heterogeneous computing allows them to work together to deliver the best performance and power. Starting with the CPU, as you saw at its peak, [00:04:00] Orion outperforms every other laptop CPU in its class. Of course, when it comes to real world everyday usage, you need more than just peak performance. You also need efficiency. Earlier you saw the Snapdragon ex elite single-threaded performance, but I also want to show you its multi-threaded capabilities.

Speaker 3: The Orion CPU U subsystem delivers up to double the performance compared [00:04:30] to our competitors’. Most popular 10 and 12 core laptops. CPUs take another picture and it can match their peak performance with 68% less power. But that’s not the only way. This new CPU is jumping ahead of the competition. Orion also beats the competitors’ high end 14 [00:05:00] core laptop chip in peak performance by 60%, and once again, it can match the performance using 65% less power. That is a massive performance per watt advantage. I’m sure you’re also wondering how it compares to laptop chips outside of the Windows ecosystem. So let me show you. Orion delivers over 50% peak multi-threaded performance than our competitor’s [00:05:30] laptop chip. And for times when maximum performance is necessary, the Orion dual core boost can ramp up two of its 12 high performance cores. So you can get ultra fast responsiveness. Compared to the most popular X 86 integrated GPU running, one of the leading three D graphics benchmarks for PCs, snapd, and exit lead delivers up to two X the performance [00:06:00] and that at their peak performance, Snapdragon X Elite matches that at less 74% less power. Additionally, when compared to the leading performing X 86 integrated GPU, the Snapdragon X Elite delivers up to 80% faster performance. And when you look at power requirements, Snapdragon X Elite can match their highest performance with 80% less power.

Speaker 3: [00:06:30] And this graphics performance isn’t limited to a built-in display. It also supports multiple or ultra HD external monitors providing you with the ultimate workstation during the day and an immersive entertainment setup at night. Because we’re now at an inflection point when it comes to the true measure of PC performance, CPU and GPU are still as important as ever. But now [00:07:00] we’re adding a third dimension on device AI through r and d and the products we’ve brought to market AI integrated into our platform is something we’ve been working on for more than a decade, and the results are clear. Today with Snapdragon X Elite, our heterogeneous AI engine has a combined performance of 75 tops. Introducing the Snapdragon eight gen three mobile platform. [00:07:30] Thank you.

Speaker 3: Tomorrow’s flagship smartphones start today with the Snapdragon eight Gen three, it brings improvements across every subsystem. Compared to last year’s Snapdragon mobile platform, we’ve improved CPU performance by 30%. You’ll see faster app launch times, smoother web browsing and better multitasking performance. Our powerful graphics [00:08:00] core gets a 25% uplift while maintaining our industry leading performance per watt. So your games are smoother and more immersive and you can play for longer. Our Hexagon, MPU has been redesigned delivering double the performance to run the most sophisticated AI models, and our connectivity is leading the market again with the fastest multi gigabit speeds, fastest cellular modem, [00:08:30] the most advanced wifi seven solution and dual Bluetooth technology.

Speaker 4: Since the burst of a photography, you’ve been able to use Zoom and crop to get closer to your subject, but you’ve never been able to zoom out beyond what you captured until now. Our partner,

Speaker 5: Tetris has developed a neural network [00:09:00] designed for Snap on agent three that will reimagine the missing parts of your photo watch. As we show you how amazing this is, this AI zoom out feature will allow you to zoom out of a photo and make it feel like it was always captured with a wide angle lens, even if it wasn’t. This is a astounding breakthrough.

Speaker 6: [00:09:30] I want to share with you that on 26th of this month, just a day to ago, we’ll launch show, and this model is ing the Snap Dragon eight generation three. This is one of the first times ever where a new platform and the new device [00:10:00] launched together. Johnny is e. My hand show. Fortune has a very super performance and I want to share with you some use case. First, the App Performance Show Fortune will offer industry leading app performance in two test rooms. We can open 30 apps [00:10:30] in just one 40 seconds. It’s industry first. Secondly, the super gaming performance. Running high performance schemes like J impact at 59 port three frames per second with the temperature only 43.2 degrees. The third is leading efficiency. It can reduce single frame rate [00:11:00] power consumption by up to 10 point 10.6%.

Speaker 5: These new platforms have been completely rearchitected with industry defining technology, including on device ai, power efficient processing, and revolutionary connectivity capabilities. Altogether, they will power new sound experiences that were previously unheard of, and they’ll do that while delivering the great battery life you need from your headphones or earbuds. [00:11:30] The Qualcomm S seven Sound Pro platform features an industry first Micropower wifi solution, which is fantastic for two reasons. First, it extends the capability and range of audio devices far beyond what’s possible with Bluetooth. Second, it maintains that ultra low power performance you come to expect from your premium earbuds and headsets.

Speaker 5: With that level of efficiency, we can draw on our rich heritage and [00:12:00] deep expertise in wifi connectivity to power another industry. First for your Watson headsets, Qualcomm expanded personal area network or expand. It works with Snapdragon sound to seamlessly switch from Bluetooth to Micropower wifi depending on how far away you are from your device or how much audio bandwidth you need. So when you get up for a snack during marathon gaming session, the enhanced dynamic spatial [00:12:30] audio stays crisp and clear. Or if you are in the middle of a long call at your desk and you want to stretch your legs a little, you can leave your computer behind and take a walk from one end of the building to the other and expand ensures that you never miss a word

Speaker 3: Snapdragon. Seamless is a collection of hardware solutions and a robust software framework that allows devices to effortlessly discover and connect to one another so they can work in harmony [00:13:00] with our lower power, lower latency, Bluetooth and wifi technology, and always sensing capabilities. Powered by the Qualcomm sensing hub, you’ll be able to create a self-organizing and intelligent network that bridges smartphones, laptops, tablets, earbuds, smart watches, and XR devices. We have three devices on the main stage, a Snapdragon powered smartphone, laptop, and tablet, [00:13:30] all of which are instantly connected to each other. In this example, the photo we used earlier for photo expansion is dragged from the Honor Android smartphone to the Snapdragon ex elite Windows laptop seamlessly using the laptop’s keyboard and mouse, we’re able to enhance it in a photo editing application, save it, and drag it over [00:14:00] to our third device to Android tablet. Finally, we’re able to rename the file using the keyboard from the laptop. Thank you very much. Thank you.

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