Google expands its bug bounty program to target generative AI attacks

With concerns around generative AI ever-present, Google has announced an expansion of its Vulnerability Rewards Program (VRP) focused on AI-specific attacks and opportunities for malice. As such, the company released updated guidelines detailing which discoveries qualify for rewards and which fall out of scope. For example, discovering training data extraction that leaks private, sensitive information falls in scope, but if it only shows public, nonsensitive data, then it wouldn’t qualify for a reward. Last year, Google gave security researchers $12 million for bug discoveries.

Google explained that AI presents different security issues than their other technology — such as model manipulation and unfair bias — requiring new guidance to mirror this. “We believe expanding the VRP will incentivize research around AI safety and security, and bring potential issues to light that will ultimately make AI safer for everyone,” the company said in a statement. “We’re also expanding our open source security work to make information about AI supply chain security universally discoverable and verifiable.”

AI companies, including Google, gathered at the White House earlier this year, committing to greater discovery and awareness of AI’s vulnerabilities. The company’s VRP expansion also comes ahead of a “sweeping” executive order from President Biden reportedly scheduled for Monday, October 30, which would create strict assessments and requirements for AI models before any use by government agencies.

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Sarah Fielding