Google Maps Now Uses AI to Find Where People Are Having Fun

Image: Google

Google users can now make plans through a new Maps update that will generate events and activities by typing “things to do” into the search bar. Activities like art exhibitions or lists providing inspiration for things to do will now populate, giving photo-first results to users, according to a Google news release Thursday.

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Google Maps uses artificial intelligence to analyze billions of photos shared by the app’s community and focuses on specific activities. Google says the AI will help users “discover new spots that match exactly what you’re looking for.” For those who have nothing to do organized search results can inspire ideas by searching “things to do” in the app.

The feature initially launched in France, Germany, Japan, and the UK, and will be available to U.S. users this week.

Google introduced other features for the navigation app including an expanded immersive view of cities, where to find EV charging station locations, and is using AI to construct in-depth visualizations to construct a 3D scene. Its Lens feature also incorporates AI with its “Search with Live View,” creating the option to select the icon and hold up your phone to scan the area for information about nearby landmarks.

The feature updates come as Google continues to experiment with AI in its desperate attempt to catch up with other tech companies. After ChatGPT launched in November of last year, Google strove to catch up with the release of its chatbot Bard, alongside other AI endeavors across the company.

Google launched a beta test of its Search Generative Experience (SGE) back in August, which used generative AI to show users what a product looks like during a search. Google has not launched SGE to the general public yet, but CEO Sundar Pichai said in a Q3 earnings call earlier this week that using AI will create “new opportunities for content to be discovered.”

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