Sam Altman gets job at Microsoft after weekend of “news” about him returning to CEO post at OpenAI

This Monday the Silicon Valley crypto Gollum tier of bluecheck Twitter wakes to learn that nonprofit boards can just tell you to fuck off. (Update: but what if everyone else fucks off too?)

Microsoft has hired Sam Altman to power up its innovation in artificial intelligence after the co-founder of OpenAI was ousted as CEO in a chaotic boardroom coup on Friday. Meanwhile, the ChatGPT company will get its third CEO in three days.

It’s another major shakeup to the balance of power over artificial intelligence, the most significant new technology in decades.

Greg Brockman, another co-founder of OpenAI, is also joining Microsoft (MSFT) — the startup’s biggest financial backer. Brockmann quit as OpenAI president after Altman was fired.

Emmett Shear, the former CEO of Amazon’s streaming service Twitch, will join OpenAI as interim CEO. He replaces Mira Murati, who was named interim CEO when Altman was fired. She will return to her role as OpenAI’s chief technology officer.

There are no easy stories here, but a complicated tangle of law, loyalty, charity, business and media—and a new techie personality cult, growing quickly around Sam Altman’s popularity among Silicon Valley insiders, Friday’s coup at OpenAI, and the “gradually, then suddenly” decline of Elon Musk’s viability in that role.

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Rob Beschizza