Pentagon to Deploy ‘AI Weapons’ That Autonomously Kill Human Targets

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Pentagon to Deploy ‘AI Weapons’ That Autonomously Kill Human Targets

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| 24 November 2023
| Jason Walsh

Posted on 11/27/2023 6:07:46 AM PST by Sam77

The United States government is on the verge of deploying new artificial intelligence technology (AI) weapons that can make decisions on whether to kill human targets.

The frightening lethal autonomous weapons, which are being developed in the United States, China, and Israel, will automatically select humans deemed a “threat” to the system and eliminate them.

Some critics have voiced fears that the deployment of AI weapons would entrust machines to make decision whether to kill human targets, with no human oversight, The New York Times reported.

This is starting to sound like Skynet.

The Mirror reported that Numerous countries, including Austria, reportedly want the United Nations to pass a legally binding resolution that would restrict or outlaw the use of AI killer drones. However, a number of countries—including the US, Russia, Australia, and Israel—are opposed to them and would rather see a non-binding resolution.

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posted on 11/27/2023 6:07:46 AM PST
by Sam77

To: Sam77

With the rapid advances being made in technology on all fronts, it was obvious that warfare would eventually come to this. It is not out of the question to speculate that eventually AI will collectively decide it is in their best interest to exterminate the human race, or maybe make slaves of us healthy ones, getting rid of everybody else. And who could stop them if it goes far enough?

Elon Musk is worried about this by the way. Seriously worried.

posted on 11/27/2023 6:11:35 AM PST
by SamAdams76
(6,390,901 Truth | 86,874,940 Twitter)

To: Sam77

And these weapons will all run Windows Extreme Prejudice Edition …

posted on 11/27/2023 6:15:26 AM PST
by SecondAmendment
(The history of the present Federal Government is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations …)

To: Sam77

While this is a worrying development, may want to test it on those HAMAS guys in Qatar…. Just sayin’.

posted on 11/27/2023 6:19:54 AM PST
by Afterguard

To: SecondAmendment

I’d be worried if they ran Linux.

Windows crashes, updates, and outright failures would give some margin of victory over the bots.

posted on 11/27/2023 6:22:32 AM PST
by wally_bert
(I cannot be sure for certain, but in my personal opinion I am certain that I am not sure..)

To: Sam77

“will automatically select humans deemed a “threat” to the system and eliminate them.”


Eventually they will use this to eliminate domestic threats to the system, including people like us.

posted on 11/27/2023 6:43:45 AM PST
by jimwatx

To: Sam77

“…make decision whether to kill human targets…” If the decision uses honor, integrity and honesty as a guide then most of DC will be a serious risk.

posted on 11/27/2023 6:54:20 AM PST
by budj
(Combat vet, second of three generations.)

To: Sam77

What could possibly go wrong?

Although it would be sweet irony if some hackers managed to turn these weapons against the deployers somehow.

posted on 11/27/2023 6:55:03 AM PST
by chrisser
(I lost my vaccine card in a tragic boating accident.)

To: SamAdams76

posted on 11/27/2023 6:56:11 AM PST
by Colorado Doug
(Now I know how the Indians felt to be sold out for a few beads and trinkets)

To: Sam77

“Gee, we don’t know why the AI decided to target the Republican convention”

posted on 11/27/2023 7:03:28 AM PST
by BigFreakinToad
(Remember the Biden Kitchen Fire of 2004)

To: Sam77

Skynet? Nah. Sounds more like ED-209.

posted on 11/27/2023 7:58:07 AM PST
by Flatus I. Maximus
(You can vote your way into Socialism, but you have to shoot your way out of it.)

To: Sam77

I don’t understand, the Pentagon can use AI and they can’t pass an audit. I’ll be they keep the Tampon dispensers full.

posted on 11/27/2023 8:07:07 AM PST
by Rappini
(“No man is entitled to the blessings of freedom unless he be vigilant in it’s preservation” MacArthr)

To: Sam77

Gee what could ever go wrong with this!?

posted on 11/27/2023 8:51:34 AM PST
by funwithfood

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