AI-powered Verge Motorcycle Is Like Riding With Eyes on the Back of Your Head

An electric motorcycle capable of accelerating zero to 60mph in just 3.5 seconds and capable of jetting to a top speed of 124mph is a tempting proposition for the thrill-seeking set. But many motorcycle riders also depend on their bikes for their daily commute, sharing city streets and highways with much larger cars, trucks, and SUVs at speeds well below their bike’s full potential. Verge Motorcycles is hoping to satiate and serve both the desire for thrills and the necessity for safety with the help of artificial intelligence.

With six cameras and an AI-assisted radar system monitoring the front, back, and sides, the all-electric Verge Motorcycles TS Ultra was unveiled and on display at CES 2024 as the future of motorcycles. “Equipped with the sense of sight,” the bike is designed to navigate traffic with the aid of an AI system that includes everything you might know and depend upon behind the wheel of a modern car: collision avoidance, adaptive cruise control, and lane departure assistance. In essence, it’s engineered to go fast, but with a heightened awareness of its surroundings.

Alongside safety and vital drive info, the Starmatter Dash operates as the bike’s infotainment center.

Displayed across a large Starmatter Dash, the TS Ultra gives riders a 360-degree view of its surroundings, an overview made possible by a combination of optical and high-resolution front and back radar sensors. Hazard warnings, blind spot assistance, and rear view cameras are paired with other safety features such as traction control, an anti-brake-locking system, and even a custom ride mode that sets max speed and torque limits so you don’t accidentally push the bike – and yourself – beyond safe riding parameters.

And at 1,200Nm of torque delivered by its rear wheel, there can be a lot to handle for those not yet fully initiated with riding an electric motorcycle equipped to accelerate in a heartbeat. Speaking of the rear wheel, you might have noticed the TS Ultra is missing a hub. Verge’s team hid the motor inside the wheel to maintain a low center of gravity and proximity to the bike’s underbelly battery pack. Beyond the benefit of improved maneuverability and stability, it’s obvious Verge recognizes the cool factor of its cyberpunk design.

Verge offers the TS Ultra in a selection of five colors – white, black, red, yellow, and green – alongside seasonal special editions.

Verge Motorcycles chief technology officer Marko Lehtimäki says their goals are to become the safest bike in the market, something akin to Volvo and Polestar’s automotive ethos, but on two wheels. If we’re being real, it would be safe to venture the average TS Ultra customer will arrive drawn by its slew of safety features equipped across the $44,900 electric motorcycle, but over time and with everyday use we’d suspect having those extra technological sensors will not go unappreciated noting the most dangerous drive is the one we take daily.

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