TikTok experiments with AI-generated music feature, stirring mixed reactions

TikTok, the platform that has become a launchpad for viral music, is now testing the waters of artificial intelligence with its “AI Song” feature. According to Business Insider, this tool allows users to generate custom backing tracks for their videos, potentially setting a new trend in digital music creation.

The feature, still in the testing phase, enables users to input prompts to create lyrics and choose from genres like pop, EDM, and hip-hop. This foray into AI-generated music is not yet available to the broader TikTok community but has already garnered attention for its unique approach.

Powered by a sophisticated language model named Bloom, “AI Song” has yielded a variety of results. Some users have shared videos featuring off-key vocals and unusual lyrics, ranging from EDM tracks about editing TikToks on iPhones to pop ballads about making concrete. The unpredictability and diversity of AI-generated music are clearly evident in these early examples.

A TikTok representative confirmed to Business Insider that the platform is testing the feature, which may undergo a name change. “AI Song” merges AI-generated lyrics with music from an existing catalog, offering a blend of technological innovation and creative expression.

Navigating the challenges of AI in music

However, TikTok’s exploration into AI music has not been without its challenges. The platform previously encountered issues with “Heart on my sleeve,” an AI track mimicking popular artists Drake and the Weeknd, leading to its removal from Spotify and YouTube over copyright claims. Additionally, renowned artist Bad Bunny openly criticized an AI-generated song using his voice, expressing strong disapproval for its listeners.

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