Dungeons & Dragons Young Adventurers Guide Reveals Next Book

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Dungeons & Dragons: Artificers & Alchemy: A Young Adventurer’s Guide will be released by Ten Speed Press this coming April.

Article Summary

  • New D&D guide, ‘Artificers & Alchemy’, set for April release by Ten Speed Press.
  • Authored by Stacy King, Jim Zub, and Andrew Wheeler, ideal for young readers.
  • Explore magical items, creatures, and artificers of the Forgotten Realms.
  • Learn about warforged, eldritch storms, and crafting enchanted objects.

Ten Speed Press has announced the latest addition to the Dungeons & Dragons‘ Young Adventurer’s Guide series, which is set to be released this April. The series has been one of the major bright spots for the company over the past few years, bringing content from the game for young adult readers without overloading them with a ton of information about how to play it when they may not be ready for it. This latest entry, called Artificers & Alchemy, has been penned by the author team of Stacy King, Jim Zub, and Andrew Wheeler, as they have put together a new immersive guide to the magical items and creatures you can encounter throughout the Forgotten Realms. It looks like it will be a stellar addition to the series expanding in some key areas. You can read more about the book below, as it will be on sale April 14 for $14.

Credit: Ten Speed Press

Dungeons & Dragons: Artificers & Alchemy: A Young Adventurer’s Guide

An immersive, one-of-a-kind guide to the wonderous magical items and creatures of Dungeons & Dragons, the world’s most beloved tabletop role-playing game. Featuring amazing illustrations and expert insights, Artificers & Alchemy explores peculiar phenomena, sentient weapons, guardian gear, and the artificers who create these enchanted objects. If you’re eager to start your own D&D adventures, this guidebook provides the perfect starting point to creating worlds of fantasy and weaving an epic story all your own.

Readers will learn about autonomous constructs like the warforged, peculiar phenomena like eldritch storms, and sentient weapons like Snicker-Snack the greatsword. With easy-to-follow explanations and action-packed illustrations, aspiring adventurers of all ages will gain the insight needed to start seeking out items and creating them in-game, and new D&D fans will learn how to interact with the delightfully unusual, utilize existing magic items, and design brand-new enchanted objects from their own imaginations.

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Dungeons & Dragons: Artificers & Alchemy: A Young Adventurer’s Guide will be released by Ten Speed Press this coming April.

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