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Driving the best possible bargain now isn’t the best long-term strategy, according to game theory The Conversation

10,000-year-old granite blocks weighing up to 3,000 pounds arranged in a circular pattern laying at the bottom of lake Michigan?

An #ancient site was discovered by chance in 2007 by a team of underwater archaeologists led by Mark Holley, a professor of underwater archaeology at…

— Ancient Hypotheses (@AncientEpoch) February 6, 2024

It’s Confirmed! Laser Fusion Experiment Hit a Critical Milestone in Power Generation ScienceAlert. Chuck L: “Is commercial fusion power now only 29 years away, down from the 30 years Ralph Lapp predicted when I was in college 65 years ago?”

Scientists Have 3D Bioprinted Functioning Human Brain Tissue Popular Science.

Why people hate Wegovy Cathy O’Neil

10 Timeless Papers That Challenged Our Thinking Nautilus (Micael T)


Rampant COVID Poses New Challenges in the Fifth Year of the Pandemic Scientific American

Why So Quiet about Long COVID? The Tyee


Breaking EU Commission recommends to target 90% net emissions cut by 2040 RTE

Could the planet be warmer than we thought? Ocean sponges might be telling us something Associated Press

Why Private Investment Isn’t Driving a Rapid Green Transition Jacobin

Worried about grocery prices? The U.S. wastes 40% of the food it produces. In Canada in 2019, it was nearly 60%. Douglad Lamont (Micael T)

Does the hurricane scale need a Category 6? New climate study found 5 recent storms have met the threshold. CBS (Dr. Kevin)


US to vent overcapacity complaints in Beijing talks Asia Times (Kevin W)

Japanese, Italian PMs meet as ‘G7 becomes US-led mechanism to contain China’ Global Times

How China Banned Soros in 1989 Canadian Patriot (Micael T)

European Disunion

🇩🇪 “China is no longer a friendly global workshop for us, Russia is no longer our forever reliable gas supplier. For the first time in a long time, Americans have launched a huge subsidy program”

German Vice Chancellor Robert Habeck gives a bizarre “victim” interview on ARD,…

— Zlatti71 (@djuric_zlatko) February 5, 2024

View from London: Europe is finished International Affairs (Micael T)

Hungary’s Industry Drops Most Since 2020 as Recovery Falters Bloomberg

The legal arm of NATO German Foreign Affairs (Micael T)

The case of Hans-Georg Maassen: A fascist at the summit of the German state WSWS. Micael T: “No wonder Germany is so active in Ukraine.”

The Price of Abolishing Sweden’s Two Hundred Years of Neutrality Valdai Club (Micael T)


‘Operation Al-Aqsa Flood’ Day 123: New testimonies emerge of Israel torturing detained Palestinians in Gaza Mondoweiss

The U.S. Deported A Palestinian To Gaza — And He Was Killed A Few Months Late HuffPost (ma)

Israel’s claims against UNRWA are falling apart, but UNRWA remains defunded. Meanwhile, congresses pushes $14 bn for Israel despite accusations of mass executions, bombing aid trucks, & running a telegram channel documenting IDF abuses. I break it down on today’s radar:

Watch in…

— Briahna Joy Gray (@briebriejoy) February 6, 2024

* * *

Houthis launch new wave of missile attacks on ships off Yemeni coast Arab News


After being subjected to three attacks, Britain has announced the withdrawal of the HMS Diamond ship from the Red Sea for maintenance

Britain has announced that its warship HMS Diamond had been subjected to three separate attacks, which required its replacement…

— Alex Barnicoat (@mrbarnicoat) February 6, 2024

Israel’s a hard sell for Biden’s war-ending plan Asia Times

The enemy within: Arab states that trade with Israel The Cradle (Micael T)


NEW: China tells UN Security Council that the recent US airstrikes “constitute a grave violation of the sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity of Syria and Iraq.” 🇨🇳🇺🇳

“The situation in the Middle East is on the verge of extreme peril…”

“Who is creating threats,…

— Decensored News (@decensorednews) February 5, 2024

US Blocks Yemen-Saudi Peace Deal (Kevin W)

White House Falsely Declared It Warned Iraq of Impending Airstrikes Intercept

Iran closer than ever to weaponizing uranium, building nuclear bomb Jerusalem Post (Dr. Kevin)

The Old Lies About Iran and Nuclear Weapons Just Won’t Die Daniel Larison

New Not-So-Cold War

Ukraine’s top general sparing neo-Nazis from frontline slaughter – ex-CIA analyst RT. This was also reported by Alexander Mercouris by a private, hence almost certainly independent, source.

FLASHBACK: Angry over Tucker Carlson’s interview with Putin? Here is when U.S. MSM interviewed Putin in June 2021 long before the war in Ukraine. It did not go very well.

— Simon Ateba (@simonateba) February 7, 2024

Big Brother is Watching You Watch

3 million smart toothbrushes were just used in a DDoS attack. Really ZDNET (BC). I said that washing machine that was using so much data was mining Bitcoin. That idea is looking less crazy with every passing day.

Imperial Collapse Watch

‼️ 🤡 American Exceptionalist Clown Show

Linked below is a short interview (4 mins) with a retired US F-16 pilot who assures us that F-16s, flying in Ukraine, could easily defeat Russian air defenses and also fly devastating close air support missions.

This underscores what I…

— Will Schryver (@imetatronink) February 6, 2024

BIDEN LAUNCHES FAKE ATTACT + US MEDIATOR AMOS HOCHSTEIN IS A CROOK Garland Nixon. A bit discursive and sometimes rant-y, but the Hochstein story is important yet very poorly covered. Also note Hochstein is negotiating the never-going-anywhere scheme that Lebanon pull back from their own inhabited southern border region to the Litani River. This same type of pretend negotiation was used at the pretext for the 2006 Israel invasion of Lebanon. And this is even more obviously bogus because Hochstein is not talking to Hezbollah.

CMV-22B Osprey “Not Operationally Suitable” According To Test Report WarZone (Kevin W)


Trump loses immunity appeal, effort to toss Jan. 6 case The Hill


WATCH: Joe Biden says he recently met with “Mitterand from Germany.”

Mitterand was the FRENCH President between 1981 and 1995.

He also died in 1996.

— Raheem. (@RaheemKassam) February 5, 2024

Biden threatens to veto Republican Israel aid bill RT

Community leaders call on The Wall Street Journal to retract controversial opinion piece about Dearborn Click on Detroit (furzy)

Versus: Rising crime risks turning Oakland into a ‘ghost town.’ Newsom is sending in reinforcements CNN. Furzy points out: “Oakland wasn’t safe in the aughts, when I was living in the Bay Area…”


Nikki Haley Loses to ‘None of These Candidates’ Option in Nevada GOP Primary: AP Bloomberg. Ouch

Texas Company Was Behind Voter Robocalls That Impersonated Biden, N.H. Say New York Times (furzy)

GOP Clown Car

House vote to impeach Mayorkas fails in stunning defeat for Republican leaders CNN


Biden Proposes Ankle Bracelets and Commands Will Solve the Immigration Problem Michael Shedlock

Open Borders and Closed Courts: How the Supreme Court Laid the Seeds for the Immigration Crisis Jonathan Turley

Our No Longer Free Press

Supreme Court to weigh whether Covid misinformation is protected speech STAT

EU Right To Repair: Sellers Will Be Liable For a Year After Products Are Fixed ars technica

What Is a Wire Transfer? Adam Levitin

The Bezzle

The cruelty of crypto aeon

You’ll Have To Visit an Apple Store If You Forget Your Vision Pro Passcode Macrumors

How to Guarantee the Safety of Autonomous Vehicles Nautilus. Micael T: “How about guaranteeing the safety of people from autonomous cars?”

Guillotine Watch

No, the World Economic Forum is not coming for your coffee Chris Lang

Antidote du jour:

A bonus:

Dogs reaction to seeing owner first time after three years

— Science girl (@gunsnrosesgirl3) February 5, 2024

And a second bonus:

His little jacket at the end 😭

— Why you should have a cat (@ShouldHaveCat) February 7, 2024

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