Google expands AI offerings with launch of Gemini Advanced

Google announced today the launch of Gemini Advanced, marking a significant update to its artificial intelligence technology. This new development is part of Google’s ongoing efforts to integrate AI across its range of products and services, including the Cloud and Workspace services, as well as Google One, which is on the verge of reaching 100 million subscribers.

In December, Google introduced a comprehensive upgrade to its AI models, which have shown remarkable performance across various benchmarks in text, image, audio, and video processing. These models are designed to support not just Google’s consumer products but also to provide developers and businesses with advanced tools for innovation.

Google Bard is now Gemini Advanced

Gemini Advanced, previously known as Bard, represents Google’s latest AI offering, now available in 40 languages and soon to be released on Android and iOS platforms. This enhanced version is capable of complex reasoning, coding, creative tasks, and personalized learning assistance. It’s positioned as a tool for users seeking a more sophisticated AI experience for tasks ranging from content strategy planning to business plan development.

Access to Gemini Advanced is through a subscription to Google One AI Premium plan, which combines Google’s leading AI features into a comprehensive package. This plan extends beyond Google One’s traditional offerings, which include expanded storage and exclusive product features.

Google is also integrating its advanced AI models into everyday products that businesses and individuals frequently use. For Workspace users, over a million people are already utilizing AI to boost productivity and creativity. Google is rebranding the AI features in Workspace, known as Duet AI, as Gemini for Workspace, extending these capabilities to consumers who subscribe to the Google One AI Premium plan.

For Google Cloud customers, the transition to Gemini will occur in the coming weeks, aiming to enhance productivity, accelerate development, and improve cybersecurity for companies.

Google emphasizes the role of developers in the evolution of its AI ecosystem, with a significant number already leveraging Gemini models for their projects. While today’s announcement focused on Gemini Advanced and its capabilities, Google says it plans to reveal more details about offerings for developers and Cloud customers in the near future.

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