Life2vec: Warning from creators of AI that predicts your death

An artificial intelligence (AI) model has been developed to predict early mortality, among other things, but as interest in the app has risen, the founders have begun issuing stern warnings.

The fortune-telling AI bot, named Life2vec, uses the sequences of life events to predict the future. This is helped by several years’ worth of registry datasets from Denmark, where the business originates from.

Deep learning models analyze information related to health, education, income, occupation, address, and working hours to predict everything from major life events to personality nuances.

While some may say it sounds like a bleak way to gain insight into your future, the creators describe the tool as being “fun and innovative” on their website.

With its growing popularity, the researchers have issued a stark warning to people who are curious to test their fate.

A message has been added to the website stating: “But first a warning: We are aware of life2vec social media accounts, and there is at least one fraudulent website. We are not affiliated with these or any other entities that claim to use our technology.”

Concerns have arisen due to fraudsters saying people can try the calculator for free, but the researchers say the software cannot yet be accessed via the Internet.

“We are working on ways to share the model with the wider research communities, but as LLMs are known to potentially leak data, we have to do further research before we can do this.

“We have not yet studied how our results generalize to other countries/contexts, but are actively investigating this topic.”

Predictions of time of death from AI bot

The predictions follow on from answers to general questions such as: ‘Death within four years?’

While the team says this isn’t the sole focus, they “chose the topic of predicting death, because it is a problem so many people have worked on. (For example, due to insurance companies, and so on).”

Featured image: Photo by Aron Visuals on Unsplash

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Sophie Atkinson