Anthropic’s Claude AI is coming to iOS as an app

Anthropic, developers of the artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot Claude, announced this week that they have launched an iOS app.

The app, which became available on Wednesday (May 1), is free to use for all Claude chatbot users, including those on free plans. It is currently iOS only, but Anthropic’s product manager Scott White has stated that an Android version is in the works, according to The Verge.

White stated that the company’s drive to release a mobile app came from user data which showed that many Claude users accessed the tool through mobile web browsers.

What features does the Claude AI iOS app have?

Although they are undeniably lagging behind the competition (OpenAI released their ChatGPT app over a year ago), Anthropic has made sure the Claude app is well polished on release.

  • It’s available for free to all tiers of user – free, Pro, and the new Team tiers are all able to download and use the app, with the various benefits conveyed by their user level.
  • Seamless sync – sync your chats across multiple devices as long as you are signed in
  • Visual capabilities – engage easily with images from your library and camera and upload files for real-time image analysis and “mobile-centric use cases”

What is the new Team Plan model?

In the same announcement, Anthropic also launched a new Team Plan, and stated that additional collaboration tools will be forthcoming.

  • Increased usage – the Team Plan provides higher usage per user than the Pro plan
  • Access to all Anthropic’s Claude 3 suite – users can access Haiku (lightweight and fast), Sonnet (balanced performance and speed), and Opus (for heavier tasks requiring more power) depending on their needs
  • 200k context window – allows for more complex tasks
  • Admin tools and billing management – to make it easier to manage team access and billing
  • Everything in the Pro tier – including priority access during busy times

It’s designed for teams of at least five users and comes in at $30 per user per month.

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Ali Rees