Links 5/14/2024

How to Treat a Patient Without His Consent New York Times

Cows have human flu receptors, study shows, raising stakes on bird flu outbreak in dairy cattle CNN (ma)

Clitoxin for Improved Female Sexual Function Feminine Wellness Newsletter. Dr. Kevin: “Another miracle of modern medicine …”

First Person To Receive a Genetically Modified Pig Kidney Transplant Dies NPR. Only 2 month survival. Seems like a lot of difficult medical intervention, as in probably not great quality of additional life.

Internet Use Is Associated With Greater Wellbeing, Global Study Finds Guardian. Wonder how careful they were about confounders.


Panic. It’s Good For You. Jessica Wildfire (Randy K)

“faecal contamination of surfaces [with SARS-CoV-2] could drive disease transmission.

Viral shedding has been reported to occur longer before COVID-19 symptoms appear and could last as long as 30 days after cessation of symptoms.

SARS-CoV-2 shedding time has also been found to…

— Hiroshi Yasuda (保田浩志) (@Yash25571056) May 11, 2024


How Microsoft Employees Pressured the Company Over Its Oil Industry Ties Grist

New Rules to Overhaul Electric Grids Could Boost Wind and Solar Power New York Times (Kevin W)

Canadian wildfires trigger air quality alerts across 4 U.S. states NBC (Kevin W)


US sharply raises tariffs on Chinese EVs and semiconductor imports Financial Times

US proposes new round of tariffs on China, cites ‘unfair’ tech transfer policies that ‘burden’ US commerce South China Morning Post

European Disunion

NINETEEN EU countries demand the right to introduce Rwanda-style deportation schemes amid signs the UK’s new law is already having a deterrent effect Daily Mail

Old Blighty

Why most people regret Brexit Economist. I confess to missing this last month; still germane.

Labour is headed for electoral triumph – then woe in government openDemocracy

On English Melancholy MIT Press Reader (Anthony L)


‘Operation al-Aqsa Flood’ Day 220: Resistance returns to the north, UNRWA says 300,000 people fled Rafah Mondoweiss (guurst)

Gaza death toll surges to 35,173 as Israel escalates assault Anadolu Agency

‘Like the war’s first days’: Israel unleashes heaviest Gaza bombing in months Middle East Eye

Strapped down, blindfolded, held in diapers: Israeli whistleblowers detail abuse of Palestinians in shadowy detention center CNN. From over the weekend. Note this was reported despite determined censorship.

Qatari PM says talks over Gaza ceasefire at stalemate Middle East Online

What Will Happen When the Holocaust No Longer Prevents the World From Seeing Israel as It Is? Haaretz (Dan K)

This Independence Day, Israel Has Split Into Two Incompatible Jewish States Haaretz (Dan K)

Gaza Protests

University of California strike vote must be the start of a working class fight against war and assault on democratic rights WSWS

Virginia Commonwealth University students walk out of graduation BBC

I wish I had the bandwidth to take this up:

[Thread] Fun fact! Your private university’s police department is likely subject to FOIA disclosure. Would sure be a shame if everyone requested records from the departments in the thread below and *all* their emails about pro-Palestine encampments and rallies

— Theia Chatelle (@theiachatelle) May 13, 2024

Trump’s Biggest Donors Behind Group Doxxing Pro-Palestine Students New Republic (Erasmus)

Campus protest crackdowns claim to be about antisemitism – but they’re part of a rightwing plan Guardian (Dr. Kevin)

The Caucuses

Georgia opposition leaders urge UK to oppose foreign influence bill BBC (Kevin W). So much for any pretense of sovereignity.

New Not-So-Cold War

Blinken in Ukraine to offer ‘strong reassurance’ as US weapons reach front line BBC. Blinken looks absolutely terrible in this photo. And on top of everything else, he’s gotten pretty gray very quickly. Even with that he’s getting off easy relative to his malfeasance.

The Kharkov offensive and the replacement of Shoigu as Defense Minister Gilbert Doctorow (guurst). See also his food notes.

The reason I am skeptical is there is no reason for Russia to turn a Patriot over to China. They are more than capable of reverse engineering it on their own. BTW Russia apparently has the most extensive set of wind tunnels in the world and has kept all the data from their inception, so they also have the best aerodynamics modeling:

This photo from China purports to show an American Patriot system that is being carried transported to a factory for analysis and re-engineering.

It is suspected, that the Patriot unit was sold to Russia by the people operating it.

This has always been one of the great fears.

— Alternative News (@AlternatNews) May 14, 2024

The US also had a plan in the late ’50s to nuke the moon, laid out in this document. The blast would have been visible from earth; its aim would have been to intimidate the Soviets.

— Scott Hamilton RTM (@SikotiHamiltonR) May 11, 2024

Imperial Collapse Watch

Putin’s trip to China may show US threats are wishful thinking Financial Times

In Red Sea, US Navy paying the price of shipbuilding failures Responsible Statescraft (Kevin W)

The results of this yearly survey by the Alliance of Democracies are always fascinating because it directly challenges what we think democracy is:

The countries whose citizens most perceive themselves as living in democracy are:

– China

– Switzerland


— Arnaud Bertrand (@RnaudBertrand) May 13, 2024

Niger, Biden’s Second Military Extraction Blunder After Afghanistan Torrence Stephens

How GPS warfare is playing havoc with civilian life Financial Times


The Appearance of Michael Cohen: A Wreck in Search of a Race Jonathan Turley


Joe Biden Doesn’t Act Old Enough The American Conservative

United, Delta, American among airlines suing Biden admin over fee disclosure rule The Hill

GOP Clown Car

GOP infighting threatens to deliver primary losses The Hill

Queering the word “queer” WhiteHotHarlots

Our No Longer Free Press

Independent journalist makes a documentary about the FBI and gets her money stolen/frozen by… Bank of America.

So much freedom in the US.

— S.L. Kanthan (@Kanthan2030) May 14, 2024


From PropOrNot to New Lines: How Washington is Weaponizing Media Alan MaCleod, MintPress

Falling Down Bridges

Crews conduct controlled demolition on Baltimore bridge 9 News (Kevin W)


Web publishers brace for carnage as Google adds AI answers Washington Post (TF). This will hurt big pubs. Google has already throttled search results down to zero for small pubs.

OpenAI, Mass Scraper of Copyrighted Work, Claims Copyright Over Subreddit’s Logo 404 Media (Micael T)

AI Hitting Labour Forces Like a ‘Tsunami’, IMF Chief Says Yahoo

Aldous Huxley Explains How Man Became “the Victim of His Own Technology” (1961) (Micael T)

The Bezzle

Red, yellow, green … and white? Smarter vehicles could mean big changes for the traffic light Associated Press. Kevin W: “How many traffic lights are in North America and who pays for all these changes?”

Attack makes autonomous vehicle tech ignore road signs The Register

Cruise Is Back Driving Autonomously After Pedestrian-Dragging Incident The Verge

Brain Activity of Professional Investors Forecasts Future Stock Market Performance, Study Finds Such Science (Dr. Kevin)

Antidote du jour. From reader Chet G. who just had a hip replacement! He has sent red squirrels before, and points out that US red squirrels do not have ear tufts, while their European cousins do.

And a bonus (Chuck L):

Sometimes, the internet is awesome

— Frank💥 (@frankbullitts) May 10, 2024

And a second bonus (guurst):

Чистюля 🦔

— Etna (@Etnaetoya) May 11, 2024

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