Google Search Is Growing Up

Lauren Goode: And where can you stream the movie?

Michael Calore: Good question. Hold please. Let me ask Gemini.

Lauren Goode: We are really just leaning into our English major cred here. Whoever is the person who leaves our comments regularly on Apple Podcast saying we’re a bunch of English majors, let me just tell you, you are correct, sir.

Michael Calore: You’re absolutely right. So you can watch it on Starz, but nobody has Starz, so you can buy it pretty much everywhere else for 3 dollars 59 cents or $4. So it’s under $4 to rent it everywhere you stream.

Lauren Goode: That’s great.

Paresh Dave: Did you ask Gemini? Because I asked Gemini and it said, “You can rent or purchase Julieta on various platforms including Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, Google Play Movies, YouTube, and Voodoo.”

Lauren Goode: No shout-out to Starz.

Michael Calore: It didn’t say anything about Starz.

Paresh Dave: It did not. I also don’t know if Google Play Movies even exists anymore.

Michael Calore: It does. It does. If you have Google TV.

Paresh Dave: I thought they turned it into YouTube. I thought they subsumed it into …

Michael Calore: Oh, you know what? Maybe you’re right. Maybe you’re right.

Lauren Goode: YouTube TV or YouTube Live or whatever that subscription is called. I don’t know.

Michael Calore: I will tell you that you can rent movies through Google Play.

Lauren Goode: You can.

Michael Calore: I’m looking at the who at the page right now.

Lauren Goode: OK.

Paresh Dave: But that name isn’t used anymore.

Lauren Goode: But that’s the App Store.

Michael Calore: Right. It’s just called Google Play and it’s games, apps, movies, TV, books and kids.

Lauren Goode: Ah, OK, OK. The way that … Oh, that’s interesting.

Michael Calore: Yeah.

Lauren Goode: Have you watched the new Anne Hathaway movie yet?

Michael Calore: Not yet, no.

Lauren Goode: It’s delightful.

Michael Calore: OK.

Lauren Goode: Yeah.

Michael Calore: Also on my list. Also, not based on Alice Munro short story.

Lauren Goode: No, no, no. I just really enjoyed the conceit of a 40-year-old woman having a relationship with a 24-year-old.

Michael Calore: That’s a story for another podcast. Maybe you can recommend it next week. Maybe I can recommend it next week.

Lauren Goode: All right.

Michael Calore: Oh, sorry, I thought you were going to show me the Google TV thing.

Paresh Dave: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. Google Play was saying you cannot use the Google Play app to buy movies and TVs anymore. You have to go to Google TV app.

Michael Calore: On the web.

Paresh Dave: This is Google. Nothing makes sense.

Michael Calore: On the web, you can still go to and buy movies.

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