Adobe Lightroom gets an impressive magic eraser, as it expands further into AI

Adobe is continuing to push generative AI efforts as they add new features to Lightroom that aim to make distractions in photographs disappear with a magic eraser.

The further expansion into artificial intelligence was announced on Tuesday (May 21) through a company press release.

The eraser tool, known as Generative Remove, is powered by the company’s Firefly AI model and allows users to remove unwanted objects and distractions in a few steps.

The Firefly technology is then used to “intelligently fill the photo behind removed items,” with complex backgrounds now being possible too. Described by the team as being “our most powerful removal tool yet,” the Generative Remove feature can be used for all photographs.

There’s no lengthy wait time for the feature to be brought in either, as the team has pushed this out for all to experiment with from today.

The announcement comes after many brands are switching up their practices and implementing AI where possible to be part of the growing interest in the technology.

Competitors to Lightroom, like On1 and Topaz Labs, already heavily use AI within their software.

This isn’t the only AI tool Adobe announced either, as a number of changes have been made to the image editing and processing software.

Adobe Lightroom sees new AI features added

Aside from Generative Remove, another new element to Lightroom is the improved version of Lens Blur.

In the words of the technology giant, this “uses the power of AI to map the foreground and background of your image to apply a pro-quality blur effect.”

This was available in the past but this release brings better subject detection as the previous version didn’t always blur the right parts of a photo.

Within the Lens Blur feature, there will also be the ability to create custom presets and batch editing capabilities. These aren’t yet available for Android devices though, but the team says they’ll be “coming soon.”

The presets are handy for those who don’t have the time to manually alter the blur tool as AI technology applies the effect that is supposedly tailor-made to the individual photo.

Adobe has brought out seven Blue Background adaptive presets which include Subtle, Strong, Circle, Bubble, Geometric, Ring, or Swirl.

Aside from the use of artificial intelligence technology, Lightroom has also seen Sony tethering support, improved cloud syncing, smoother image navigation, and a more optimized way to manage previews.

Featured Image: Photo by Vadim Artyukhin on Unsplash

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Sophie Atkinson