7 of the Most Valuable Power Rangers Toys From the ‘90s

Based on Super Sentai, a Japanese superhero TV show from the ’70s, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers was a smash hit when it first aired in 1993. It was like Saved by the Bell turned into a Kaiju-of-the-week action TV show. Still, it all added up to something totally awesome. Plus, it featured a few breakout stars, like Amy Jo Johnson and Jason David Frank, not to mention creepy monsters, evil witches, and giant freakin’ robots. 

Power Rangers lasted for 30 years across several networks and streaming services—including Fox, ABC, The CW, Nickelodeon, and Netflix—but if you’re a child of the ’90s, chances are that’s the era of the series that you know and love best. While those childhood memories of jumping off the couch and pretending to be one of the Rangers are probably priceless to you, your childhood toys certainly command a high price among collectors. Many are paying top dollar for toys from the ’90s. In fact, it might make more sense to invest in classic dolls and action figures than stocks, bonds, and gold, according to one Bloomberg study.

Thanks to their popularity, age, and the overall rarity of certain items, toys from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (and spin-offs like Power Rangers Turbo and Power Rangers in Space) are increasing in value on third-party sites like eBay. If you have any old figures in your garage or in your parent’s basement, then they could be worth a pretty penny—especially if items are factory sealed and in pristine condition. Scroll down for some of the most valuable Power Rangers toys from the ’90s.

This one was actually autographed by Jason David Frank. / Courtesy of patisboy69, eBay

When Green Ranger Tommy (played by Jason David Frank) returned to the show as the White Ranger in 1994, he became the gang’s new leader. He quickly emerged as a fan favorite with his new white and gold look, fierce fighting skills, and killer Saba sword. If you have an unopened and mint-condition White Ranger Action Figure from Bandai (Series No. 2), it could be worth upwards of $100,000 on eBay—especially if it’s signed by Frank. However, the average price on eBay for unopened White Ranger action figures is between $500 to $750.

Power-Gun Sword and Power Morpher (1993) // $50,000

This two-in-one toy transformed into a blaster and a sword. / Courtesy of patisboy69, eBay

An unopened and mint-condition Power-Gun Sword and Power Morpher set from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers can fetch up to $50,000 on eBay. This accessory pack comes with a two-in-one blaster and sword. It also has the Power Morpher and includes five Power Coins, such as the Black Mastodon, Pink Pterodactyl, Blue Triceratops, Yellow Saber-Toothed Tiger, and Red Tyrannosaurus. Sets typically sell for up to $320 on eBay if they’re fully intact and in like-new condition.

You get the White Ranger and the Green Ranger in this collectible set. / Courtesy of snarkymoose, eBay

The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Gold Team from 1995 features two “auto-morphin” action figures of the White Ranger and Green Ranger, along with the Saba sword and Blade blaster. Unopened versions of this set can sell for as much as $25,000 on eBay, but most pre-owned versions have sold for around $500.

Power Dome (1994) // $15,000

The Power Dome can rake in big bucks if it’s still in boxed and like-new condition. / Courtesy of patisboy69, eBay

One of the most iconic backdrops for the show is the Power Dome Command Center. This is where Zordon and his assistant Alpha 5 gave the team their powers and informed them about new threats to the planet. An unopened and mint-condition original ​​Power Dome play set from 1994 can command up to $15,000 on eBay.

This is a rare piece, as it came with a Zordon voice changer and an Alpha 5 action figure, which was the only way to get one from the original toy line at the time. Generally speaking, if you have an opened and used Power Dome play set, it usually sells for around $200 to $500 on eBay.

The leader of the United Alliance of Evil commands top dollar on the secondary market. / Courtesy of lugai-1317, eBay

Power Rangers in Space—the sixth season of the television series—introduced a new team of heroes. One of the emerging villains for the season was the robotic Ecliptor, the second-in-command for the United Alliance of Evil. If you happen to have Bandai’s action figure of Ecliptor, you could rake in as much as $12,000 on eBay—particularly if the figure is in an unopened box and has been kept in mint condition. Other sealed Ecliptor action figures have sold for around $100 on eBay.

Green Ranger Tommy Karate Arms (1994) // $10,000

Toy manufacturer Kid Dimension created a 12-inch plush doll of the Green Ranger with adjustable “karate arms” in 1994., which is hard to find unopened and in mint condition. A seller on eBay has one that’s signed by Frank—who signed the doll “2Pac” because he was his favorite rapper—going for $10,000. But if you have a used version of this toy, it usually sells for around $100 on eBay.

He was technically an attachment for Megazoid in battle mode. / Courtesy of snarkymoose, eBay

As part of the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers toy line in 1993, Titanus the Carrierzord is an Ultrazoid attachment that Megazoid would stand on top of when it was in battle mode. Titanus was also a carrier for Dinozords, Ninjazords, and Shogunzords. An unopened version in good condition is very uncommon; this one on eBay, which still has the original price tag from Kay-Bee Toys, is going for $5000. But for the most part, complete yet opened versions of Titanus Carrierzord usually sell for between $300 and $400 on the secondary market.

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