Unveils robot dogs with machine guns mounted on backs…

CHINA had a test run with its newest military addition – robot dogs equipped with machine guns on their back.

The machine gun robodogs are going through drills for a 15-day exercise called Golden Dragon with Chinese and Cambodian troops.


China and Cambodia did military drills with machine gun robot dogsCredit: AFP


The robot dogs are said to help protect them against terrorismCredit: AFP


The robot dogs can be controlled by using a remoteCredit: Getty


Some people are worried the robot dogs will turn into ‘killer robots’Credit: AP

Golden Dragon was held in central Kampong Chhnang Province and at sea off Preah Sihanouk Province, Agence France-Presse reported last week.

The training mission consists of over 2,000 troops, 14 warships, two helicopters, and 69 armored vehicles/tanks alongside the remote-controlled four-legged robot dogs with automatic rifles.

The troops are also working on live-fire, anti-terrorism, and humanitarian rescue drills are included.

The machine gun robodogs reportedly did not shoot off any fire. 

They only were demonstrated walking, not shooting, to journalists and military officials.

Cambodian armed forces commander-in-chief Vong Pisen stated the drills aim to enhance anti-terrorism capabilities.

Cambodia insists it will never allow a foreign military base on its territory which other leaders from the country have also stated. 

After dismantling US-funded facilities at the Ream naval base, China began funding its renovation.

Two Chinese warships docked at Ream in December for the first time post-renovation.

The US claims the Ream base could provide China with a strategic position near the South China Sea.

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Cambodian army spokesman Thong Solimo noted that China is covering the cost of the exercises.

Solimo added that the exercise is the biggest they have ever endured. 


Some people have suggested that robot dogs used for the military give a dystopian-like vision because the future of warfare may involve armed drones or killer robots, The Byte reported.

Experts warn that autonomous armed drones and robot dogs pose significant ethical issues.

This has caused calls for an international ban on autonomous killer robots in warfare.

However, despite ethical concerns, military forces and local enforcement in the US are investing in this technology.

They argue that using armed drones could save human lives.

But some companies like Spot Mini robot dogs have pledged to stay far away from strapping their robot dogs with weapons. 

“We pledge that we will not weaponize our advanced-mobility general-purpose robots or the software we develop that enables advanced robotics and we will not support others to do so,” Spot Mini robot dogs said in a statement.

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